Privileges - Residents and Attending

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Physicians who render professional services to you at Dayton Children's Hospital are independent practitioners and are not employees or agents of the hospital. Dayton Children's Hospital is not responsible for the acts or omissions of physicians who are not directed or controlled by Dayton Children's Hospital.

The following physicians are agents of Dayton Children's Hospital.


Pediatric Residents Med/Peds Residents Military Residents Children’s Care Group Physicians Children’s Care Group Physicians cont.
Agada, Noah
Ames, Ashlee Basile, Patrick Abboud, Patricia Vohra, Amit
Arce Ahmadian, Veronica Desai, Dhaval Brack, Erin Almazan, Susan Wong, Ray
Barnes, Elizabeth Johnson, Katrina Bruner, Karen - chief Breyer, Paul  
Benbow, Melissa  LaBrec-Salmons, Celina Colby, Rachel Broxson, Emmett Dayton Children's Employed Physicians
Brener, Ilona  Lowes, Alicia - chief Diller, Christina Canessa, Leonardo Murphy, Thomas
Bunn, April Meredith, Jody Ellgass, Katie Christian, Jeffrey  
Mazur, Tiffany Ogunsakin, Amie Frazine, Dana Dilego, Robera Children's Anesthesia Group
Morgan, Kevin Patel, Garvin  Gottfredson, Ryan Dole, Mukund Alnajjar, Hani
Morris, David Thakker, Asish Lochner, H. Jamie Fink, Robert Daume, Jason
Partusch,  Michael Wariboko, Jenny McCaig, Steve French, James Doebele, James
Powell, Kate   Morgan, Tanish Goodwin, Charles Grass, Jennifer
Rich, Steve   Pace, Charles Hutchison, Laura Herting, Judy
Rupp, Greg   Peterson, Mark Kasten, Eileen Fogeldt, Mark
Savage, Tim   Powell, Adam Khan, Nadir Kirkpatrick, Del
Sullivan, Meredith   Reynolds, Sarah King, Melissa Parker, Chandler
Taylor, Erica - chief   Robey, Jamie Kleiner, Laurence Walz, Edward
Tenenblatt, Karen   Sayers, David Kumar, Gogi  
Van Nostrand, Sarah   Simpson, Tiffany Meagher, David  
Watson, Samuel   Slogic, Michael Monk, Susan  
Williams, Kathryn   Smalley, Joshua Nanagas, Maria  
Yeh, Karen   Szari, Sofia Nanagas, Victor  
    Thompson, Brian Nicholson, Yelena  
    Tschudy, James Omoloja, Abiodun  
    Urschel, Daniel Patel, Vipul  
    Watts, Michael Pfeifer, Moira  
    Wolfe, Laura Pence, Jeffrey  
      Rivera-Amisola, Cecilia  
      Sinha, Ranjana  
      Stark, James  
      Vavul-Roediger, Lori  


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