Philosophy, purpose, operation and organizational structure

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Philosophy and Purpose

The laboratory’s primary objective is to serve the patients. This objective takes precedence over all other considerations. The needs of the pediatric patient differ significantly from those of the adult patient, necessitating a specialized approach to providing clinical laboratory testing for infants and children. Therefore, the goal of these departments is to deliver quality laboratory services to infants and children as quickly as possible by competent medical technologists, technicians, and phlebotomists under medical supervision.

Operation And Organizational Structure

The laboratories consist of the Department of Pathology, Department of Medical Genetics, and the Clinical Laboratories which includes Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, Virology, Transfusion Services, and Phlebotomy.

  • The clinical laboratories are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week for most testing.
  • The availability of every test is listed within the individual test listing.
  • The medical genetics laboratory is staffed 07:30 - 16:00 Monday through Friday only.
  • The pathology department has a pathologist available in-house 08:30 - 17:00 Monday through Friday. The pathologist is on-call, for emergencies, at all other times.
  • Technical services for the pathology laboratory are available from 08:00 - 17:00 Monday through Friday.
Pathology Department          
Medical Director   L. David Mirkin, M.D.   (937) 641-3358
Assistant Medical Director   Raymond Wong, M.D.   (937) 641-3358
Administrative Director   Kris Ramdat, MSA, MLT (ASCP)   (937) 641-5100
Pathology Supervisor   Matthew Chase, HT (ASCP)   (937) 641-3358
Clinical Laboratories        
Medical Director   L. David Mirkin, M.D.   (937) 641-3358
Administrative Director  
Kris Ramdat, MSA, MLT (ASCP)    
(937) 641-5100
Microbiology/Virology Supervisor   Michael Brandon, MT(ASCP)   (937) 641-3902
LIS Coordinator   Maurice Gilbert MT (AMT)   (937) 641-5100
Shift Supervisor   Maurice Gilbert, MT(AMT)   (937) 641-5100
Transfusion Service Supervisor   Thomas J. Brooks, MLT (ASCP)   (937) 641-3369
Administrative Supervisor   Elaine Bailey   (937) 641-4306
Phlebotomy Supervisor   Molly Murray   (937) 641-3259
Clinical Chemistry Lead Tech.   Lisa Walters, MLT(ASCP)   (937) 641-8810
Core Laboratory Supervisor   Laurie Whitt, MLT(ASCP)    (937) 641-4516
Medical Genetics Department        
Medical Director   Marvin Miller, M.D.   (937) 641-3800
Administrative Director   Joanne Hand, RTR (M)   (937) 641-3491
Genetics Supervisor   Leslie Willis, B.S., CLSp(MB)   (937) 641-3262


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