Dayton Children's Clinical Trials

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Dayton Children's Clinical Trials

Strengthening pediatric care through research
Dayton Children's Clinical Trials (DCCT) is part of Dayton Children's Hospital (Dayton Children's).

Location and patient populationIn addition to being the only pediatric hospital serving the greater Dayton area, Dayton Children's draws patients from a 20-county area in southwestern Ohio and eastern Indiana. Dayton Children's is an 155-bed, private, not-for-profit tertiary pediatric health care facility that offers a full range of inpatient services plus over 35 subspecialty and general outpatient clinics. Dayton Children's serves a diverse ethnic population with annual admissions of 6,000 plus 50,000 emergency department visits, 27,276 urgent care visits, 12,000 surgeries and 62,000 outpatient clinic visits.
FacilityDCCT is located in the Cox Center for Children's Health on the Dayton Children's campus and provides direct assistance to staff investigators with the acquisition, implementation and conduct of clinical pharmaceutical trials. As a full-service pediatric hospital, all diagnositc facilities of Dayton Children's (radiology, laboratory, ECG, EEG, etc.) are available for use in these studies as needed.


  • Medical directors
  • Operations manager
  • Clinical research coordinators

Over 80 pediatric subspecialists are based at Dayton Children's. In addition, the Wright State University School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics is located onsite at Dayton Children's. This ensures a large number of pediatric subspecialists are available as study investigators from multiple medical and surgical disciplines. In addition, the hospital pharmacy has an experienced research pharmacist who routinely assists with pharmaceutical trials.

Therapeutic expertise
DCCT (previously PCTI) has managed several Phase III and IV pharmaceutical trials since its inception in 2003. Past trials have been in the specialties of endocrinology, infectious disease, nephrology, oncology and pulmonary medicine. Additional areas of therapeutic interest include behavioral/developmental medicine, cardiology and gastroenterology. Patient recruitment

Subjects have traditionally been recruited from patients seen in the Dayton Children's specialty clinics and in community-based practices.

Contact Linda Uhl for more information on clinical trials available.

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