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Ann Burke, MD, Director Ann Burke, MD, Director


Thank you for your interest in our outstanding pediatric residency training program here at Wright State University. Our program's home is Dayton Children's Hospital.We recognize the important decision you have ahead of you in choosing where to train for pediatrics. It is an exciting time and we hope you enjoy it! You have chosen an exceptionally fulfilling and wonderful field.

Wright State Pediatrics has some unique strengths. It is a moderate size program — big enough to interact with a wide variety of faculty and peers, yet small enough to easily develop a great support system of mentors and friends. With a faculty of more than 30 general pediatricians and greater than 45 pediatric subspecialists, we are able to focus attention on the 48 pediatric residents we train. Our program has no fellowships, which further allows our teachers to concentrate their efforts on our resident learners.

Dayton Children's Hospital is a great place to work. It provides, along with Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Medical Center, a broad and rich experience in pediatrics. We put quite a lot of effort into the details of our program: the competency-based curricula, the evaluation of residents in new and innovative ways, the emphasis on self-reflective learning and the outcomes measures we use to modify our program, to name a few. With a learner-centered approach that fosters the development of each individual resident, we aim to nurture the practice of life-long learning in our residents. We have a great program!

The faculty is top-notch and committed to your education. An active academic advising system ensures career progression. Mentors help solidify and support the future plans of our residents. Based on outcome and survey data, the training you receive here well prepares you for a career in general pediatrics. Likewise, if you plan on becoming a pediatric subspecialist, you will receive wonderful general pediatric training that will allow you to excel as a fellow. About 20 percent of our graduates each year choose to do a subspecialty fellowship. We have sent our graduates to Johns Hopkins University (heme/onc), Baylor (pediatric critical care), and the University of Washington (cardiology) to mention a few. Our board passage rate is very high. We are recognized nationally for being a strong place to train in general pediatrics.

Most importantly, we are proud of the people here. The atmosphere at Wright State is comfortable, warm, inviting and facilitative. We will help you to develop into a proficient resident. We will support you through hard times and share your joy in your successes. We believe in balance between your professional challenges and your personal life.

Overall, Wright State is a quality experience in pediatrics training. Resident-friendly and geared towards the learner, we consistently try to evolve and grow the strengths we have. I hope you enjoy your time as a fourth year and your search for the right training program. We hope to be able to meet with you and talk further about our exciting training program here at Wright State University.

Ann Burke, M.D., Director

Pediatrics Residency Program


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