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Dayton Children's Clinical Trials - Dayton Children's Clinical Trials is a division of Dayton Children's Hospital.

Physicians affiliated with Dayton Children's and the Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine's department of pediatrics (located at Dayton Children's) are continually involved in clinical research activities, actively contributing to the body of knowledge that will improve treatment for the region's infants, children and teens.

The right research for the right reasons - 2009 Research Report to the Community

Research at Dayton Children’s is conducted by

  • Physicians and staff affiliated with Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine (WSUBSOM)
  • Staff at Dayton Children’s
  • Dayton Children’s Clinical Trials (DCCT)

Highlights of 2009 academic year

  • Over 12.8% of the Wright State University (WSU) Class of 2010 choose pediatrics as a career (national average = 11%), making pediatrics one of the top choices of the class. Another 2.4% choose internal medicine-pediatrics and pediatrics-emergency medicine.
  • WSU faculty and members of Dayton Children’s professional staff continue to publish outstanding papers in peer-reviewed journals, and continue to be well represented presenting papers and posters at major national meetings in multiple specialties.
  • James Stark, MD, occupies new research space at the Boonshoft School of Medicine.
  • SOAR-net, the practice-based research network continues to conduct outstanding research in a growing number of community-based practices.
  • Dayton Children’s residents (and WSU medical students) present papers/posters at major national meetings in
    multiple specialties.
  • Farhat Ashai-Khan, MD, receives the American Gastroenterological Association Fellowship Award 2009.
  • Ann Burke, MD, Shalini Forbis, MD, and Abiodun Omoloja, MD, are promoted to the rank of Associate Professor.
  • Ann Burke, MD, is the new President of the Association of Pediatric Program Directors.
  • Maria Nanagas, MD, receives the Ohio Chapter AAP 2009 Arnold Friedman Community Pediatrician Award.
  • Ashley Fernandes, MD, receives the WSU Boonshoft School of Medicine (BSOM) Class of 2010 Teaching Excellence Award.
  • Arthur S. Pickoff, MD, and Adrienne Stolfi are awarded the American Heart Association’s Distinguished Service Award for their work in the Partner’s for School Health Program, conducted in the Cincinnati and Cleveland public school systems.
  • New physicians recruited in general inpatient pediatrics, sleep medicine and critical care.
  • Endocrinology course (MS II) again named as “one of the best organized and informative courses.”
  • Pulmonary medicine receives the 2009 Resident
    Teaching Award.
  • Gregory Eberhart, MD, receives the resident’s 2009 Community Teaching Award.
  • The pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) receives the Ohio Patient Safety Institute’s Best Practices Award for decreasing the incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP).

Grants and contracts

Sherman Alter, MD, director of infectious disease

  • A Phase 3, Randomized, Double-Blind, Multicenter Study to Compare the Efficacy and Safety of Micafungin versus Amphotericin B Deoxycholate for the Treatment of Neonatal Candidiasis   Protocol No.: ISN 9463-CL-2303/Protocol 04-0-199 Study Sponsor: Astellas Pharma US, Inc. (APUS)  $20,000

Paul Breyer, MD, director of endocrinology

  • Parents’ Social Capital and Their Children’s Glycosylated Hemoglobin (HbA1c) Dayton Children’s Research Foundation Principal Investigator – 2 year study $27,000

Emmett Broxson, MD, director of hematology/oncology

  • Principal Investigator at Dayton Children’s for Children’s Oncology Group 2000-present. $271,897

Ann Burke, MD, general pediatrics

  • Gordon MB, Bogart L, Burke AE, Chaing VW, Johnson C, Landrigan C, Sectish TC,  Schuster M. “Assessment of Work-Life Balance Among Pediatric Residents.” APPD Special Projects. Grant for $9,945.00. March 2009

Mukund Dole, MD, hematology/oncology

  • Region II Comprehensive Sickle Cell Program Funding Ohio Department of Health $85,058

Robert Fink, MD, director of pulmonary medicine

  • CF Center Grant CF Foundation Center Director $85,000
  • CF Research Development Grant, CF TDN Network Principal Investigator $70,000
  • Ohio Newborn CF Screening Grant, State of Ohio, Program Director Ohio Dept Health $50,000
  •  2005-present   “The EPIC Observational Study: Longitudinal Assessment of Risk Factors for and Impact of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Acquisition and Early Anti Pseudomonal Treatment in Children with CF EPIC-002  Funded by Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics, Inc, PI (Dayton Children’s) 5% Effort
  • 2005-present   “The EPIC Clinical Study: Effectiveness and Safety of Intermittent Antimicrobial Therapy for Treatment of New Onset Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Pa) Airway Infection in Young Patients with Cystic Fibrosis” EPIC-001  Funded by Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics, Inc, PI (CMC) 5% Effort
  • 2006-present, “A Randomized, Open-Label, Multicenter, Phase 3 Trial to Assess the Safety of Tobramycin Inhalation Powder (TIP) Compared to TOBI in Cystic Fibrosis Subjects, TIP003 A02  Funded by Chiron Corporation PI (CMC) 5% Effort
  • 2007-present, “A Phase III, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Study Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of ALTU-135 Treatment in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis-Related Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency” Altus 726  Funded by Altus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PI (CMC) 5% Effort
  • 2007-present, “An Open-Label Clinical Study Evaluating the Long-Term Safety of ALTU-135 for the Treatment of Patients with Cystic Fibrosis-Related Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency” Altus 767  Funded by Altus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PI (Dayton Children’s) 5% Effort
  • 2008-present, “A Phase 2, Multi-Center, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability, and Efficacy of  Three Dosage Regimens of MP-376 Solution for Inhalation Given for 28 Days to Stable Cystic Fibrosis Patients” MPEX 204. Funded by MPEX Pharmaceuticals, PI (Dayton Children’s) 5% Effort
  • 2008-present, “A Phase 3, International, Multi-Center, Randomized, Double- Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel-Group, Efficacy and Safety Study of Denufosol Tetrasodium Inhalation Solution in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis Lung Disease and FEV1 ≥75% but ≤110% Predicted” Tiger-2  08-110  Funded by Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PI (Dayton Children’s) 5% Effort
  • 2009- present “Cystic  Fibrosis Therapeutics Development Network Center Grant” Funded by Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics, Inc. PI $675,000/yr 10% Effort

Shalini Forbis, MD, general pediatrics

  • Health Resources and Services Administration, Academic Administrative Unit Grant, Co-Investigator, July 2008-2011
  • WSU Boonshoft School of Medicine, Innovation Fund grant – PI Boonshoft Child Health Equity Project, July 2008-June 2010

James French, MD, hematology/oncology

  • Evaluation of NHF’s National Prevention Program, Sponsor: National Hemophilia Foundation. 2008 – Closed, 2009
  • A Post Authorization Safety Surveillance Study of Xyntha in Usual Care Settings, Sponsor: W Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  Acting through its division Wyeth Research, A Pfizer Company, 2008 - Ongoing
  • Universal Data Collection on Complications of Hemophilia and Serum Testing and Storage.  Sponsor: CDC 1999 – Ongoing
  • Multicenter Hemophilia Cohort Study (MHCS-II), Sponsor: National Cancer Institute, 200-2005 – Open for data analysis only
  • Thromboembolism Registry, Sponsor: Hemostasis and Thrombosis Research Society 2006 – Ongoing
  • Assessment of Acute and Chronic Pain in Patients with Bleeding Disorders, Sponsor: Munson Medical Center and Henry Ford Hospitals HTCs, IRB Exempt – Ongoing Equity Project July 2008-June

Elvira Jaballas, MD, general pediatrics

  • Reach Out and Read National Center Award for Children ages 6 months to 5 years. 2009, $2,491.50

Daniel Lacey, MD, PhD, neurology

  • An Evaluation of the Therapeutic Effectiveness of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments on Children with Cerebral Palsy; US Dept. of Defense and the Army Medical R&D Command; $1,775,157; PI
  • A Worldwide, Open Label, Clinical Trial to Examine the Safety and Tolerability of Rizatriptan in Pediatric Migraneur, Merck MK-0462, 086-01.  Awarded 2009, not yet IRB approved.
  • A Worldwide, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Parallel Group Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Rizatriptan for the Acute Treatment of Migraine in Children and Adolescents.  Merck MK-0462, 082. Awarded 2009, not yet IRB approved.

Sonia Michail, MD, gastroenterology and nutrition

  • External funding
    • NIH R21 grant “The use of VSL#3 in children with irritable bowel syndrome”, awarded January 2008. Direct cost $400,000 over 3 years. NIH NCCAM grant # 667122, NIH R21 AT003400-0
    • NIH R21 grant: The use of Affymetrix in studying microflora of children with irritable bowel syndrome. Co-PI (Oleg Paliy PI). $300,000 for 2 years. NIH NCCAM 1R21AT003423-01A2
  • Internal funding
    • Dayton Area Graduate Medical Education Grant: Identifying Stool Microflora in Healthy and Obese Children with Type II Diabetes.  Submitted by Dr. Katie Ellgass (pediatric resident), budget $3,500.
    • Dayton Children’s Hospital Foundation:  The Use of GeneChip Technology in Studying Microflora. PI Sonia Michail. Awarded Sept 2008 for 2 years, Total $40,000

Marvin Miller, MD, director of medical genetics

  • Ohio State Genetics Service Grant: Marvin Miller – Principal Investigator July 1, 2008 – June 30, 2009 $226,000
  • A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Multicenter, Parallel-Group Study of One-Year Duration Followed by 2 Years of Open-Label Treatment to Determine the Safety and Efficacy of Orally Administered 2.5 mg or 5.0 mg Daily Risedronate in Children  4 to < 16 Years Old with Osteogenesis Imperfecta” Thomas N. Hangartner- Principal Investigator, Proctor and Gamble
  • “Bone Density Measurements in Children Using Spiral CT” Elizabeth Ey - PI; Marvin Miller - Co-PI; Thomas Hangartner – Co- PI Dayton Children’s Research Foundation $39,904 over 2 years: 2008-2010

Maria Nanagas, MD, director of Children’s Health Clinic

  • Reach Out and Read Program $3,000

Abiodun Omoloja, MD, nephrology

  • Tobacco Use and Secondhand Smoking (SHS) in children enrolled in Chronic Kidney Disease Cohort (CKiD).  Dayton Children’s Research Foundation $40,000 (PI) 2009-2010

Gary Onady, MD, PhD, internal medicine/pediatrics

  • CF Center Grant, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, $6,000, 2009-2010 (Program Director)
  • PACE Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Clinical Educator Fellowship, $84,000, 2008-2011 (Sponsoring Mentor)

John Pascoe, MD, general pediatrics

  • Academic Administrative Unit, Pediatrics – Project Director Health Resources and Services Administration (Training in Primary Care Medicine and Dentistry) - Total $698,206 over 3 years
  • Parents’ Social Capital and their Child Health Behavior: A Longitudinal Study of the Dayton Primary Care Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) –
    Co-PI The Children’s Medical Center Research Foundation – Total $36,942
  • Parents’ Social Capital and Their Children’s Glycosylated Hemoglobin (HbA1c) – Co-PI The Children’s Medical Center Research Foundation – Total $27,000
  • Best Practices for Study Recruiting in Primary Care Settings National Institutes of Health (sub-contract from Wayne State University) Total $67,351 over 2 years

Ruthann Pfau, PhD, medical genetics

  • Regional comprehensive Genetics Centers Program, Ohio Department of Health, Manager - $251,000/yr for two years (SFY 2009-2010)

Marc Raslich, MD, internal medicine/pediatrics

  • Boonshoft Child Health Equity Project – Site Coordinator

James Stark, MD, pulmonary medicine

  • Research Challenge Award.  Boonshoft School of Medicine, WSU Research Grant: Stark (PI) Genetic Determinants of RSV Susceptibility in Mice Total
    Costs (contract) $20,000, 9/1/06-9/30/09 (no cost extension permitted)

Adrienne Stolfi, MSPH, biostatistician

  • An Evaluation of the Therapeutic Effectiveness of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments on Children with Cerebral Palsy; Department of Defense; Statistician; $926,000

Maria Urban, MD, endocrinology

  • Growth hormone monitor (sponsored by Serono Co) $1,380.00
  • NCGS study (sponsored by Genentech Co.) $1,200.00   
  • Norditropin study (sponsored by NovoNordisk) $2,100.00       
  • A new study “Easy Pod Trial” $260.00

Lori Vavul-Roediger, MD, medical director of child advocacy

  • Victims of Crime Act (VOCA), Ohio State Attorney General Office $85,306, October 2009-September 2010

Teaching awards and other honors

Farhat Ashai-Khan, MD, gastroenterology and nutrition

  • American Gastroenterological Association Fellowship Award 2009

Ann Burke, MD, general pediatrics

  • Ambulatory Pediatrics Association/Pediatric Academic Societies
  • Educational Scholars Program: Graduated and Received Certificate

Merrilee Cox, MD, director of medical education

  • Selected for WSUBSOM Leadership Academy
  • Dayton Children’s Collaborator in Caring Award for Education

Gregory Eberhart, MD, general pediatrics

  • Community Teaching Award 2009

Ashley Fernandes, MD, PhD

  • WSUBSOM Class of 2010 Teaching Excellence Award

Robert Fink, MD, pulmonary medicine

  • Departmental Resident Teaching Award 2009

Elvira Jaballas, MD, general pediatrics

  • Wallace B. Taggart, MD, award for outstanding service in the health care of children

Maria Nanagas, MD, general pediatrics

  • Ohio Chapter AAP 2009 Arnold Friedman Community Pediatrician Award

Arthur S. Pickoff, MD, and Adrienne Stolfi

  • American Heart Association’s Distinguish-ed Service Award for work with Partners for School Health Program (Cleveland and Cincinnati Schools)

Patrick Sobande, MD, pulmonary medicine

  • America’s Top Pediatrician by American Consumer Research Council, 2009
  • Departmental Resident Teaching Award, 2009

Maria Urban, MD, endocrinology

  • “Best Doctors in America” - 2009-2010
  • Endocrinology course voted by the students to be one of the best B1 courses

Janet Wasylyshen-Velasco, MD, inpatient general pediatrics

  • Martha N. Franz 2008-2009 Resident Teaching Award


Patricia Abboud, MD, critical care medicine

  • “Partners in Practice” (a newly developed program to train WPAFB RNs in fundamentals of pediatrics) 
  • Dayton Children's Advisory Group for “Sepsis Bundle” 
  • WSUBSOM Student Promotions Standing Committee (2008-12)
  • WSUBSOM Admissions Committee
  • Medical student advisor

Sherman Alter, MD, infectious disease

  • Chair, Department of Medicine, Dayton Children's
  • Chair, Infection Control Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Chair, CME Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Member, Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Chair, Physician Advisory Committee, Children’s Home Care of Dayton
  • Board of Directors, Children’s Home Care of Dayton
  • Director, Community Studies, Dayton Children’s Clinical Trials (DCCT)
  • Professional Staff Executive Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Continuous Quality Improvement Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Quality Steering Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Steering Committee of the Principles of Disease Course(Immunology/inflammation/infectious disease), WSUBSOM
  • Medical Student Advisor, Student Advisory Group, WSUBSOM
  • Consultant, Child Care Clearinghouse, Montgomery County
  • Volunteer Physician, Free Clinic, Reach Out Montgomery County
  • Health Care Alumni Committee, University of Dayton
  • Medical Advisory Committee, Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps, Ohio Department of Health
  • Chair, Immune Deficiency Subcommittee, MAC, BCMH, ODH
  • Member, Hemophilia Subcommittee, MAC, BCMH, ODH

Cecilia Rivera-Amisola, MD, developmental pediatrics

  • Officer, Association of Philippine Physicians of Greater Dayton Educational Scholarship Program, Philippine American Society
  • United Rehabilitative Services, Medical Advisory Committee
  • House of Bread
  • Adopt a Family 
  • Integrated Youth Services, fundraiser support
  • Lymphoma/Leukemia Society, fundraiser support

Farhat Ashai-Khan, MD, gastroenterology and nutrition

  • Public Policy Committee, Dayton Children's

Paul Breyer, MD, endocrinology and metabolism

  • CCG Compensation Advisory Committee, DCMC
  • JDRF Board
  • DADA camp medical director

Emmett Broxson, MD, hematology/oncology

  • Budget & Finance Subcommittee of the Board of Trustees, Dayton Children's
  • Physician leader, Fever with Neutropenia Subcommittee of the Hematology/Oncology Process Action Team
  • Professional Staff Executive Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Chairman, Comprehensive Cancer Center Committee
  • Children’s Home Care of Dayton Professional Advisory Committee
  • Editorial Board of Pediatric Forum
  • Physician leader, Palliative Care Committee
  • Sickle Cell Process Action Team
  • Procedural Pain Process Action Team
  • CIS Governance, Dayton Children's
  • Hospital Bioethics Committee
  • Faculty Development Committee, WSUBSOM
  • Dayton Community Blood Center Medical Advisory Board
  • Board of Trustees, Ronald McDonald House of Charities

Ann Burke, MD, general pediatrics

  • Residency Program Director
  • WSUBSOM Executive Committee
  • Dayton Area Graduate Medical Education Committee (DAGMEC)
  • Chair, Wright State University Department of Pediatrics Education Committee

Leonardo Canessa, MD, director of nephrology

  • Physician leader, EPIC implementation, nephrology

Craig Chalfie, MD, general pediatrics

  • Education committee, department of pediatrics
  • Volunteer, Reach Out Montgomery County, Sunset for Kids

Merrilee Cox, MD, general pediatrics

  • DAGMEC, GME Council, Executive Committee and GME Committee
  • EPIC Clinicians Advisory Group, Dayton Children's
  • Professional Staff Executive Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Code of Regulations Sub-Committee for Performance Improvement Oversight
  • Simulation Working Group
  • Medical Errors Subcommittee, PALS instructor, Dayton Children's
  • Member, Department of Pediatrics Education Committee
  • Team physician, Dayton Christian JV / Varsity Football Teams
  • Sparks director, Awana (managing program for 100 K-2nd graders)

Roberta DiLego, MD, general pediatrics

  • CareSource Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee/Clinical Care
  • Public PolicyCommittee, Dayton Children's

Mukund Dole, MD, hematology/oncology

  • Chair, Tumor Board
  • Sickle Cell Process Action Team
  • Credentialing Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Vendors Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Hematology/Oncology Risk Team  

Gregory Eberhart, MD, general pediatrics

  • Professional Staff Executive Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Public Policy Committee, Dayton Children's
  • SOAR-Net (Practice Based Research Network) - Community Coordinator
  • Medical student advisor
  • Boy Scout Troop 316 Committee
  • Destination Imagination Coach, Centerville Schools
  • Nominating Committee (Epiphany Lutheran Church)
  • Praise Band (Epiphany Lutheran Church)
  • Reach Out Volunteer and Board Member (Director, Pediatric Clinic)

Ashley Fernandes, MD, PhD, general pediatrics

  • Admission Committee, WSUBSOM
  • Member, Data Safety Monitoring Committee, Hyperbaric Oxygen In Cerebral Palsy Study, (DOD)
  • WSU Faculty Senate (elected)
  • WSU Academic Integrity Committee
  • Chair, Ethics Committee, Dayton Children's
  • IRB Chief Ethicist, Dayton Children's

Robert Fink, MD, director of pulmonary medicine

  • Government Affairs Committee and Planning Committee of Board of Directors, Dayton Children's
  • CIS Governance Council (oversight of EPIC implementation at Dayton Children's)
  • Board of Trustees, Dayton Children's Foundation
  • CF Chapter, Smoke Free Ohio
  • BCMH Pulmonary Committee

Shalini Forbis, MD, general pediatrics

  • Miami Valley Reads, Steering Committee
  • APA Region V, Immediate Past Chair
  • Ohio Asthma Coalition Member, Immediate Past Chair
  • AAP Health Literacy Project Advisory Committee (APA member)
  • SOAR-Net, Leadership Group

James French, MD, hematology/oncology

  • IRB, Dayton Children's
  • Pain/Sickle Cell Disease Reviewer, Dayton Children's
  • Fever/Neutropenia Reviewer, Dayton Children's
  • Fever/Sickle Cell Disease, Dayton Children's
  • CMC Anticoagulation Team Reviewer/participant
  • Community Blood Center, Medical Advisory Committee

Elvira Jaballas, MD, general pediatrics

  • University Internal Medicine-Pediatrics, Process Improvement Committee
  • Quality Assurance Committee, University Internal Medicine-Pediatrics
  • Pediatric Forum Committee, Editorial Board
  • Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Education Committee
  • Behavioral/Developmental Pediatric Committee
  • Board of Directors, Association of Philippine Physicians in Greater Dayton
  • Philippine-American Society
  • House of Bread
  • Adopt-a-Family

Eileen Kasten, MD, director of developmental pediatrics

  • Medical student advisor
  • BCMH handicapped child committee

Gogi Kumar, MD, neurology

  • Children’s Care Group Advisory Board, Dayton Children's
  • Neurology recruitment team, Dayton Children's

Daniel Lacey, MD, PhD, neurology

  • Medical student advisor
  • Medical Advisory Board, United Rehabilitation Services
  • EPIC - physician designee for department of neurology, Dayton Children's

Sonia Michail, MD, gastroenterology and nutrition

  • Faculty Development Committee, WSUBSOM
  • Research Committee, WSUBSOM
  • Budget and Finance Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Research Committee, Dayton Children's

Marvin Miller, MD, medical genetics

  • Ohio State Newborn Screening Advisory Group
  • Ohio State Newborn Screening Laboratory Subcommittee
  • IRB, Dayton Children's
  • Radiation Safety Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Research Foundation Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Library Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Comprehensive Cancer Care Committee, Dayton Children's
  • CME Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Taggart Award Selection Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Chair, APC Committee, Department of Pediatrics, WSUBSOM
  • APC Committee, Department of Ob-Gyn
  • Oakwood Health Department, Board Member
  • Temple Beth Or, Board of Directors

Susan Monk, MD, general pediatric medicine

  • Planning Committee Board of Trustees, Dayton Children's
  • Chair of Honors Code Council, WSUBSOM
  • Medical student advisor
  • Pediatric Appointments, Promotions and Continuances Committee
  • St. Vincent Hotel for Homeless

Gary Mueller, MD, pulmonary medicine

  • Planning Committee Co-chair, Dayton Children's Medical Directors Retreat
  • Process Action Teams (CPGs):  bronchiolitis, asthma, tracheostomy, Dayton Children's
  • Student Promotions Committee, WSUBSOM
  • Faculty Advisor and member- Alpha Omega Alpha, WSUBSOM
  • Medical student advisor

Maria Nanagas, MD, Children’s Health Clinic

  • Chair, Nominating Committee, WSUBSOM
  • Medical Student Advisor, Student Advisory Group, WSUBSOM
  • Board of Trustees, Ronald McDonald House
  • Behavioral-Developmental Committee
  • Ronald McDonald House Subcommittee on Grants and Governance
  • “Top Tier Provider Advisory Council” CareSource Health Plan
  • Appalachian Missions (Eastern Kentucky)
  • Physician Volunteer, Montgomery County Reach Out Clinic
  • Physician Volunteer, Golden Acres Ministrant Center, migrant families
  • Medical Consultant, Ohio Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
  • Chair, Community Service, Association of Philippine Physicians –Greater Dayton
  • Chair, CME Association of Philippine Physicians- Greater Dayton
  • Co-Chair, CME University of the Philippines Medical Alumni Association in
  • America – IKOT Chapter
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • St. Vincent’s Hotel

Abiodun Omoloja, MD, pediatric nephrology

  • Intensive Care Committee
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME) Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Public Policy Committee, Dayton Children's
  • WSU Residency Education Committee
  • Reach Out of Montgomery County
  • National Kidney Foundation of Ohio, Inc., - Dayton Kidney Walk 

Gary Onady, MD, PhD, pulmonary medicine

  • Faculty Curriculum Committee, WSUBSOM
  • Medical student advisor
  • Budget and Finance Committee, WSUBSOM
  • Judicial and Student Appeals Committee, WSUBSOM
  • Mentor to Magsig Middle School Jazz Band Program

John Pascoe, MD, general pediatric medicine

  • Public Policy Committee, Dayton Children's
  • IRB, Dayton Children's
  • Reach-Out Montgomery County
  • Head Usher, Peace Lutheran Church, Beavercreek, Ohio

Vipul Patel, MD, director, critical care medicine

  • Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Children’s Care Group Compensation Advisory Committee, Dayton Children's
  • ICU Business Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Trauma PI Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Trauma Planning Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Transport QA meeting, Dayton Children's

Ruthann Pfau, PhD, genetics

  • Ohio Connections for Children with Special Needs (ODH), Advisory Committee

Arthur Pickoff, MD, chair, department of pediatrics, WSUBSOM

  • Board of Trustees, Dayton Children's
  • Board of Trustees, Reach Out Montgomery County
  • Board of Trustees, Premier Community Health
  • Vice-President, Board Member, Wright State Physicians
  • Chair, Pediatric Forum Editorial Board

Marc Raslich, MD, general pediatric medicine

  • WSU - CME Committee, Department of Medicine Representative
  • Faculty Curriculum Committee, WSUBSOM
  • Department of Pediatrics Education Committee
  • West Central Ohio Sickle Cell Advisory Council
  • Reach Out Volunteer

James Stark, MD, PhD, pulmonary medicine

  • Hospital Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Appointments, Promotions and Continuances Committee, Department of Pediatrics
  • Assistant Coach - Northmont High School Science Olympiad 2009

Adrienne Stolfi, MSPH, biostatistician

  • Assessment and Evaluation Committee, WSUBSOM
  • Dayton Primary Care PBRN (SOAR-Net) Core Leadership Group

Gregory Toussaint, MD, general pediatric medicine

  • Division Head, General Pediatrics, Dayton Children's
  • Medical student advisor (including Health Professionals Scholarship Program)
  • Selection Committee for Gold Humanism Society
  • Chair, DAGMEC Annual Chief Resident Workshop

Lori Vavul Roediger, MD, child advocacy

  • Trauma Team, Dayton Children's
  • Student Promotions Committee, WSUBSOM
  • Montgomery County Child Death Review
  • Montgomery County Child Death Prevention Committee
  • CARE Team, Dayton Children's
  • CARE House Administrative Committee, Dayton Children's
  • Artemis Center for Domestic Violence Advisory Board
  • Midwest Regional Children’s Advocacy Center Quarterly Medical Peer Review Team

Amit Vohra, MD, critical care medicine

  • Budget and Finance Committee, Dayton Children's
  • 401K Investment Committee for Children’s Care Group
  • Children’s Quality Improvement Committee
  • WSU Department of Pediatrics Education Committee
  • Dayton Children’s Organ Donation Council
  • PICU Q&A and Business Committee


Publications and papers

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Abstracts and significant presentations

Patricia Abboud, MD, critical care medicine

  • “Established Protocols in Pediatric DKA Management Improves Morbidity” WSU Research Forum, March 10, 2009
  • “TRALI,”  to OR nursing staff, Feb. 23, 2009
  • CME training, “Traumatic Brain Injury,” Dayton Children’s nurses, June 2, 2009
  • Guest speaker for nursing students on “Pediatric Sepsis” July 8, 2009
  • Guest speaker, SORT Trauma Registrar Group on “Pediatric Head Injury” October 9, 2009

Cecilia Rivera-Amisola, MD

  • “Management of Autism Spectrum Disorder: complementary and alternative therapies” Dayton Children’s, September 9, 2009
  • “Developmental Screening Tools”, Dayton Children’s September 30, 2009
  • “Autism” United Rehabilitative Services, November, 2009

Sherman Alter, MD

  • “Immunization Update” Uniformed Services Pediatric Seminar (AAP), IN, March 11, 2009.

Farhat Ashai-Khan, MD, gastroenterology and nutrition

  • “Ketogenic Diet” - GI Academic Conference, May 13, 2009

Emmett Broxson, MD, director, hematology/oncology

  • “Update on Pediatric Oncology, Reviewing Referrals for Hematology/Oncology,” Indianapolis, IN, March 7, 2009

Ann Burke, MD, residency program director

  • “Resident Perceptions of Individualized Learning Plans” Jost-Starmer A, Burke AE. Poster Presentation, APPD Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD, 2009
  • “Working Part-Time: Can it Work for You? Can it Work in your Program?” Holmes A, Burke AE, Stanton B, Sectish T, Berkowitz C. Workshop Presentation. Pediatric Academic Societies, Baltimore, MD, May 3, 2009
  • “Practice Based Learning and Improvement-Teaching and Evaluation in Residency and  Fellowship Training” Burke AE, Guralnick S. Topic Symposium. Pediatric Academic Societies, Baltimore, MD, May 3, 2009
  • “Mentoring, Assessing and Advising Learners with Difficulties: Design and Implementation of a Mentorship Program for Residents with Learning and Professional Difficulties” Hicks P, Carraccio C, Burke AE, Hofkosh D, Workshop Presentation, Pediatric Academic Societies, Baltimore, MD, May 3, 2009
  • “Individualized Learning Plans: A Primer with Tools and Concepts for Success” Burke AE, Mahan J, Guillot A, Jost-Staemer A. APPD Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD, May 1, 2009
  • “Lifelong Learning: How to Encourage Learners to Improve Over Time” Cincinnati Children’s 2009 Regional Faculty and Educator Development
    Symposium, September 25, 2009
  • “Diagnosing and Remediating the Problem Learner” Burke AE and Lane L, Pediatric Educational Excellence Across the Continuum Conference. Arlington, VA, September 12, 2009
  • “The Individualized Learning Plan and Learning Portfolios: New Age Educational Tools” Burke AE and Caputo C,  APPD Fall Meeting; Arlington, VA. September 11, 2009.
  • “APPD Share Warehouse/ L.E.A.R.N.” Burke AE. APPD, Baltimore, MD 2009
  • “Effective Feedback: Doing Better Than What You Got” Wright State University STReMe Series (Scholarship of Teaching and Research in Medical Education) Burke AE (and Toussaint G), April 1, 2009

Samuel Dzodzomenyo, MD

  • “Significance of Electro-Cortical arousals during anterograde and retrograde esophageal in events in premature infants” Parks V,  Gupta A, Wang M, Dzodzomenyo S, Splaingard M, Jadcherla SR, Society for Pediatric Research, PAS Annual meeting, 2009
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  • Visiting Lecturer in Pediatric Neurology at University of Ghana Medical School and Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra, Ghana
  • “Complex Parasomnias” Grand Rounds, Dayton Children’s

Shalini Forbis, MD

  • “Primary Caregiver Medication Knowledge in a Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic” Forbis SG, Stolfi A,Stormer K, French JA, Dole MG, Broxson E. Poster presentation, Pediatric Academic Societies, Baltimore, MD, May 2009.
  • “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: Communication Strategies as Universal Precautions for Keeping Patients Safe and Well” Workshop Chair & Presenter, Pediatric Academic Societies, Baltimore, MD, May 3, 2009

Ashley Fernandes, MD, PhD

  • “Meeting Students Where They Are: Ethical Issues Encountered in the First Year of Medical School,” The Generalists in Medical Education National Conference, Boston, MA, November 2009
  • “The Use of Turning Point in Bioethics Education for Medical Students: Stimulating Conversational Discussions in a Large Group Setting,” Turning Point Technologies National Conference, Las Vegas, NV, October 2009
  • “Pediatric Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia: An Update” Grand Rounds, Dayton Children’s, May 15, 2009
  • “The Ethics of Naming Names,” Grand Rounds, Dayton Children’s, October 28, 2009
  • AMSA/Primary Care Week, Faculty Lecturer,” The Medical Home In Pediatrics,” October, 2009 

James French, MD

  • “Menorrhagia in Adolescents with Platelet Function Disorders: Associations Findings and Treatments” Amesse L, French J, Amesse, T. North American Society for Adolescent Gynecology Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, April 2009

Elvira Jaballas, MD

  • “Enhancing Resident Knowledge of Developmental Pediatrics: Tailored to Residents’ Development as Clinicians.” McConnell E, Stolfi A, Sexton-Tejtel K, Burke AE, and Jaballas EAAMC SGEA  (Southern Group on Educational Affairs), Poster Presentation, April 15-17, 2010
  • “Teaching Residents Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics: A Three-Tier Approach” Sexton-Tejtel K., Jaballas E, Stolfi A. Pediatric Academic Societies, 2009. 

Eileen Kasten, MD

  • “Autism”  (for Dr. M. Franz Women’s Group)
  • “Down Syndrome Update” Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association
  • “Autism” Grand Rounds,Dayton Children’s, (with Dr. Mary Beth DeWitt), March 2009

Daniel Lacey, MD, PhD

  • “Co-morbid Pain Conditions in Adolescents with Chronic Daily Headaches (CDH)”, Pain Week 2009, Las Vegas, NV, September 2009

Sonia Michail, MD

  • Michail S, Paliy O, Reo N, Kenche H, Abernathy F, Reo N. The Human Gut Microbiome in Children with Crohn’s Disease.  NASPGHAN, November, 2009
  • Michail S, Simon R. Disseminated Histoplasmosis and Pneumocystis Pneumonia in a Child with Crohn’s Disease Receiving Infliximab.  NASPGHAN, November, 2009
  • Fitzharris L, Michail S. Midwest Experience of Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) Esophagitis in Immunocompetent Children. NASPGHAN, November, 2009
  • “Probiotics and prebiotics” - Pediatric Nutrition in Health and Disease – Springfield, MA, June 3, 2009
  • “The Human Gut Microbiome”: Invited lecturer - 2009 Central Research Forum-Translation Research, Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine
  • “Translational Research” - Invited lecturer 2009 - Central Research Forum. Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine

Marvin Miller, MD

  • “Kluver Bucy Syndrome in a Child with Neurofibromatosis- type 1.”  Miller ME, Kleiner L. Poster presentation, WSU General Research Forum, March 10, 2009.
  • “Determinants of Fetal and Infant Bone Growth and Strength” Miller ME, Invited oral presentation EBMS Symposium (An evidence-based analysis of infant brain and skeletal injury). Denver, CO, February 21-22, 2009
  • “The World Wide Epidemic of Vitamin D Deficiency,” Miller ME, Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) Obstetrics/Gynecology, Grand Rounds, October 7, 2009

Gary Mueller

  • “Effects of Nebulized Recombinant Huma Deoxyribonuclease (Dornase Alfa) in Infants with Cystic Fibrosis Evaluated Using Infant Pulmonary Function Testing and High Resolution Computerized Tomographic Imaging of the Chest” R Castile, Mueller G, Long F, Flucke R, Baker B, Clifford B.  23rd Annual North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference,  Minneapolis, MN, October 15-17, 2009.

Abiodun Omoloja, MD

  • “Smoking and Secondhand Smoking in Adolescents with Chronic Kidney Disease: A Report from the Chronic Kidney Disease in Children (CKiD) Cohort Study” Omoloja A, Jerry-Fluker J, Abraham A, Furth S, Warady B, and Mitsnefes M.  American Society of Nephrology Annual meeting, October 2009
  • “Secondhand Smoking In Adolescents with Chronic Kidney Disease:  Study from the Midwest Pediatric Nephrology Consortium (MWPNC)” Omoloja A, Patel H, Greenbaum L, Stolfi Aand Chand D.  Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) Annual meeting, Baltimore, MD, May 2009
  • “Tobacco Use and Exposure in Adolescents with Chronic Kidney Disease: Study from the Midwest Pediatric Nephrology Consortium (MWPNC)”  Omoloja A, Chand D, Greenbaum L, Stolfi Aand Patel H.  Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) Annual meeting , Baltimore, MD, May 2009

Gary Onady, MD

  • “Communication through Improvisation from Music to Medicine in Real Time”, Onady G, Tarjani, R. First Annual Music in Medicine Symposium, Improvisation in Music, Medicine, and Life, Wright State University, Dayton, OH, June 2009
  • “A Case of Protein-Energy Malnutrition and Severe Iron Deficiency Anemia in a Child  in an Urban Setting” Gonzalez CM, Canessa L, Onady G.American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians, Washington, DC, March 2009

John M. Pascoe, MD, MPH

  • “Geographic Variation in Parents’ Perception of Their Communities’ Social Capital and Associated Factors”  Pascoe J, Specht S, Eberhart G, Jasper T, Kasten E, Gans A, Looman W, Pediatric Academic Societies 2009
  • Annual Meeting, E-PAS2009:2804.44 Baltimore, MD, May 2, 2009
  • “Parents’ Perception of Their Children’s Asthma, 2002-2008: A Community-Based Study” Pascoe J, Spears W, Forbis S, Saunders J.  Pediatric Academic Societies 2009 Annual Meeting,.  E-PAS2009:5519.363 Baltimore, MD, May 5, 2009
  • “Parents’ Annual Income/Marital Status and Their
    Community Connectedness:  A Cross Sectional Study.”  Pascoe J, Specht S, Eberhart G, Jasper T, Kasten E, Gans S, McNicholas C and Looman W,  AHRQ Annual PBRN Meeting,  Bethesda, MD, June 24-26, 2009
  • “Civilian and Military Mothers Evaluate A Mothers’ Resource Guide.” Pascoe J, Specht S, Gans A, Jasper T, Williams F, Langkamp D, Himmeger M and Heneghan A,  AHRQ Annual PBRN Meeting, Bethesda, MD, June 24-26, 2009
  • “A New Social Capital Scale: Geographic Stability Compared To Income, Personal Support and Depressive Symptoms” Pascoe J, Specht S, Eberhart G, Jasper T, Gans S, McNicholas C, Looman W.  Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Annual Meeting, LaJolla, CA, November 3-6, 2009

Ruthann Pfau, PhD

  • “Genomics” - WSU Family Practice AP Nursing
  • “Genetic Counseling: Tales from the Clinic” Central State University Careers in Biology Seminar, October 16, 2009
  • “Genetics of Prostate Cancer” American Cancer Society, January 20, 2009

Moira Pfeifer, MD

  • “The Use and Abuse of Growth Hormone”  Uniformed Services Pediatric Seminar sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Indianapolis, IN, March, 2009
  • “An Update on Growth Hormone Therapy” Yankee Trace, Centerville, OH, September 2009
  • Med Study Pediatric Endocrine Board Review, Dallas, TX, September 2009

Arthur Pickoff, MD

  • “Pediatric Cardiology Review” Medstudy Pediatric Board Review Course, Dallas, TX, September 2009
  • “Fetal Arrhythmias” 43rd Annual Uniformed Services Pediatric Seminar, AAP, Indianapolis, IN, March 9, 2009
  • “Cardiac Arrhythmias in the Fetus and Newborn,” Newborn Day, University of Charleston Medical Center, West Virginia, April 24, 2009
  • “Cardiac Arrhythmias in the Fetus and Neonate— Diagnosis, Treatment and Implications in Childhood and Later Life” Grand Rounds, Kettering Medical
    Center, April 28, 2009

Marc Raslich, MD

  • “SNAFU: An Active Alternative to Traditional Journal Clubs”  Poster Presentation, Medicine Pediatrics Program Directors Annual Session, Baltimore, MD, 2009

James Stark, MD, PhD

  • “RSV 2009:  What’s New with an Old Adversary” Pediatric Grand Rounds Dayton Children’s, December 9, 2009
  • “Bronchiolitis 2009  Implementation of the AAP Guidelines”, Miami Valley Academy, Sinclair Ponitz Center, March 4, 2009
  • “Pediatric Pearls for the Primary Care Provider” American Lung Association Asthma Educator Institute, Mason, OH, September 17, 2009
  • “Ohio Achieving Asthma Control: What the 2007 NHLBI Guidelines Say and Do We Follow Them?” St. Rita Hospital, Lima, OH

Adrienne Stolfi, MSPH

  • Zryd TW, Hershberger PJ, Stolfi A, Rodes MB.  A new instrument for assessing professionalism:  ProDOC. Fam Med 41 Suppl 4):1, 2009.  Society for Teachers of Family Medicine, Denver, CO, April 29-May 3, 2009
  • Owens TJ, Raffoul MC, Stolfi A,Kasten E, Rowin ME.  The role of magnetic resonance imaging in evaluation of autism.  EPAS 2009:4730.8. (Platform). Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD, May 2-5, 2009
  • Baker T, Tankersley M, Stolfi A. The CITIES model:  conventional immunotherapy—investigating existing schedules. Ann allergy Asthma Immunol 103(Suppl 3): A 125, 2009. American College of Asthma, Allergy & Immunology (ACAAI) Annual Scientific Meeting- Food Allergy Symposium, Miami Beach, FL, November 5-10, 2009

Gregory Toussaint

  • University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston - Faculty Development Symposium  UTMB’s Department of Pediatrics March 2- 5, 2009 “Effective Feedback: Doing Better Than What You Got” Toussaint G, with Burke AE), BSOM STReME series, April 1, 2009
  • Military Nursing/Medicine, Dayton Children’s Nurses Recognition Day, May 6, 2009
  • Speaker, BSOM Student Clinician Ceremony (White Coat Ceremony) July 20, 2009
  • DAGMEC Chief Resident Workshop, May, 2009
  • DAGMEC “Residents as Teachers” for incoming PGY-1s, June, 2009

Lori Vavul- Roediger, MD  

  • “Domestic Violence: Part 2 in lecture series - WSUBSOM physician faculty development
  • “Interpersonal Violence” The Wellness of Women Conference, Dayton Children’s
  • “Family Violence Issues”, Pediatric Update for Nurses, Upper Valley Medical Center
  • “Assessment of Child Maltreatment” Warren County Mental Health and Recovery Center
  • “Child Maltreatment, Kettering College of Medical Arts
  • “Child Maltreatment and Family Violence” Peacekeeper Symposium

Amit Vohra, MD

  • “Lab Interpretation—Chemistries and Blood Gases” Clinical Video, February 24, 2009
  • “Procedural Pain Management” Acute Care Symposium, August 19, 2009
  • “Moving Evidence into Practice: Management of a Unique Near Drowning Event in the PICU”Grand Rounds, Dayton Children’s, September 23, 2009


Dayton Children’s Clinical Trials (DCCT)

DCCT continued its participation in various clinical trials:

  • Dayton Children’s has been recognized in the past as a CF Therapeutics Development Center (TDC). In selecting these sites the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics, Inc. (CFFT) considers such factors as previous enrollment in clinical trials, size of patient population, and the care center accreditation status. Funding for Dayton Children’s was again approved this past year by the CFFT. These grants expedite research and development of new therapies for patients afflicted with cystic fibrosis. The pulmonary department continued their hard work in conducting several cystic fibrosis (CF) trials.
  • DCCT accelerated initiation of  three IV oseltamivir clinical trials after a request from the Department of Health and Human services to respond to last year’s  H1N1 influenza pandemic. These studies focused on participants that were unable to take oral oseltamivir and meet other protocol criteria. These studies are ongoing for this year as well.
  • The neurology department participated in two migraine headache studies for children ranging in ages from 6 to 17 years of age using an oral study medication approved by the FDA for adults but not yet for this age group. A third migraine trial is now underway for teens 12- to 17 years of age using a nasal spray study medication already approved by the FDA for adult use only.
  • DCCT reviewed numerous trials for study design, safety and scientific merit. Trials included but not limited to: an oral study medication for bacterial skin infection; an oral study medication for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) associated  insomnia; IV acetaminophen for acute pain ; and an investigational drug for severe sepsis. Participation is some of these trials are still being considered.


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