Financial Assistance Choices

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Dayton Children’s offers several program choices to families needing financial assistance, or those families needing help paying their medical expenses.

How to start

The first step to see what assistance you may qualify for is to either fill out a Dayton Children’s Financial Assistance application or contact Dayton Children’s Business Office at (937) 641-3555 or toll-free for Ohio residents only at 1-800-228-4594.  Fill out this form to apply.

  • The financial assistance application can be completed before, during or after your child receives care at Dayton Children’s.
  • The financial assistance application uses Federal Poverty Levels compared with family size and income to determine the level of eligibility for financial assistance.
    • Dayton Children’s may also use the Federal Poverty guideline rates as a basis for calculating discounts or Dayton Children’s may use an average percentage of negotiated rates for families that qualify for financial assistance to help determine the amount owed. There are also other ways to become eligible for financial assistance other than just using family size and income, such as a child’s medical diagnosis.

After the financial assistance application is completed that data will be used to determine if the patient is eligible for one of the program options listed below.

  • For example, a family whose income falls below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (about $44,100 for a family of four in 2010) can be eligible for Ohio Medicaid.
  • Another example of assistance may be Ohio residents whose family income falls below 100 percent of the Federal Poverty Level may qualify for Ohio Care Assurance Program (about $22,050 for a family of four in 2010).
  • Even a family whose income is over 300 percent of the Federal Poverty Level may qualify for assistance through the Children’s Buy-In Health Care Program.


Dayton Children’s will not discriminate against any person receiving health services because of his/her inability to pay for services, or because payment for the health services will be made under a financial assistance program. If the family or patient is not eligible for one of these programs they may still qualify for a discount on self-pay charges, or they may be able to work with patient accounts to pay any outstanding balances through such activities as setting up a payment plan, etc.

Contacting us

Dayton Children’s offers a variety of ways to help families deal with their medical expenses, for more information please contact Dayton Children’s Business Office at (937) 641-3555 or toll-free for Ohio residents only at 1-800-228-4594.


Dayton Children’s will attempt reasonable efforts to contact a family regarding their medical expenses before referring their account to a collection agency. These efforts include contact via both phone and mail. Following these collection efforts, if a family has not contacted Dayton children’s regarding any outstanding balances; the account may be referred to an outside collection agency.


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