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CARE House

Every day children in our community are physically or sexually abused, often by a trusted adult. Many more children struggle daily to deal with the effects of neglect.

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At Dayton Children’s we know that children need the right team when they are in a difficult situation, for that reason we partnered with the Dayton Police Department, Montgomery County Department of Jobs and Family Services – Division of Children’s Services, Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office, and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office to provide CARE House.

What used to happen when kids needed help for abuse What used to happen when kids needed help for abuse

CARE House is the community’s advocacy center for child victims of abuse and neglect. Its mission is to provide a multidisciplinary team response to child abuse for the purpose of protecting and supporting children and their non-offending family members, holding offenders accountable, and educating the community.

These collaborative partners work together to ensure children are kept from further harm, provide an immediate comprehensive response to child abuse victims, and educate the community to better recognize, respond to, and prevent child abuse. Necessary medical, emotional, legal, investigative and victim advocacy services exist in one child-friendly location, ensuring that children are not further victimized by the systems intended to protect them.

What happens TODAY when kids need help for abuse What happens TODAY when kids need help for abuse

In addition to the meeting the needs of children who walk through the door, CARE House provides community education to prevent child and sexual abuse in our community.



CARE House

A brand new CARE House

Thanks to the donations of generous community supporters, CARE House opened it's doors to a brand new CARE House building on February 14, 2014.

The new building designed by architectural firm LWC Incorporated and built by American Trademark Construction nearly doubles in size from the old CARE House. Some of the new features include:

A child-centered reception area

Two sound-proof, child-friendly interview and observation rooms

State-of-the-art recording equipment

A case review room

Expanded space for mental health treatment

A multipurpose room for group therapy, support groups and prevention training

During the 2011-2012 fiscal year, CARE House:

  • Saw 599 children who were physically or sexually abused.
  • Facilitated 42 child sexual abuse prevention trainings in Montgomery County.
  • Presented the Stewards of Children, a child sexual abuse prevention curriculum, to 759 staff and volunteers of Montgomery County child-serving agencies and organizations as well parents and caregivers residing in this county.
  • 451 forensic interviews were conducted at CARE house.

CARE House is recognized for its prevention efforts. It is responsible for the implementation of the Stewards of Children throughout the State of Ohio. To date, more than 30 facilitators, representing 15 of Ohio’s children’s advocacy centers, provide Stewards of Children trainings.

To contact CARE House please call 937-512-1670 or visit their website.


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