Media Release: Five resources for summer and heat safety

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Five resources for summer and heat safety

06-27-2012 (Dayton, OH) -

As the temperature continues to rise and the experts at Dayton Children’s want you to have all the information you need for keeping your children safe in the heat!

Check out our top 5 resources for beating the heat and staying safe this summer!

1.  Never leave your child alone in the car! Did you know that even on a mild day, the temperature inside a car can rise 20 degrees in just 10 minutes? On an 80-degree day, the inside of a closed car can quickly reach 100 degrees in the time it takes to run into the store for an errand. So imagine how hot it can get when the outside temperature reaches close to 100! You might be surprised to hear that a child can die from heat stroke on a 72-degree day. There’s a medical reason why this happens to children - their bodies aren’t the same as adults. A child’s body can heat up five times faster than an adult’s. It is extremely important to remember all year long, but especially in the summer to never leave your child alone in the car, not even for a minute!

2. Stay hydrated! Did you know that dehydration is in the top 10 reasons for being admitted at Dayton Children’s? During the summer it’s easy for kids to get caught up in having fun that it doesn’t even cross their minds to stop playing for a minute to ask for or grab something to drink. It’s important that kids drink frequently during the hot weather to keep them from becoming dehydrated. Learn 5 fun ways to keep your kids hydrated!

3. Avoid swimmers ear! Are your kids spending a lot of time at the pool this summer? The pool is a great place to cool off, have fun and get some exercise. But many children come home with the very uncomfortable swimmer’s ear. Learn what to look for and how to treat it!

4. Stay sunburn free! Being in the sun is fun and makes us feel good, and even though our children like how the sun feels—it is not good for their skin. Your child can get a sunburn if you do not protect their skin when they are out in the sun.  A sunburn can hurt and can even make them sick enough to go to the doctor. According to Dayton Children’s department of hematology/oncology a tan is actually represents damage to the skin caused by sun, not a “healthy glow” as many Americans think. Learn 5 quick tips for sun safety!

5.Stay safe around water! Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional death for children ages 1 to 14.Kids drown quickly and quietly. A drowning child cannot cry or shout for help.  It is important to remember that simple steps save lives – supervise children when they are in or near water, learn water safety skills like swimming and CPR and for home pools and spas, use barriers and anti-entrapment devices. The most important precaution for parents is active supervision. During the summer many families are at parties and around water with lots of other people. They think someone must be watching the children when many times nobody is. Simply being near your child is not necessarily supervising. It is extremely important to keep an eye on your child at all times.

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