Media Release: Dayton Children’s Women’s Board makes pledge to cancer endowment fund

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September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

CHA-CHA co-chairs Jennifer and Erin with child life specialist and cancer patient CHA-CHA co-chairs Jennifer and Erin with child life specialist and cancer patient

09-04-2012 (Dayton, OH) -

The Children’s Medical Center of Dayton’s Women’s Board has pledged to raise money for ThePediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Care Endowment at Dayton Children’s as part of their May 11, 2013 CHA-CHA event. In 2011, CHA-CHA raised over $330,000 to purchase Giraffe Beds for the newborn intensive care unit, making it Dayton Business Journal’s top fundraiser in the Dayton region.

“By helping to fund the Pediatric Cancer Endowment with a successful CHA-CHA 2013, the Women’s Board will guarantee focused and personalized care for children fighting cancer on a variety of levels, including emotionally,” says Jennifer Almoney, 2013 CHA-CHA co-chair.

In 2011, Dayton Children’s saw 54 newly diagnosed cases of cancer.  Currently, the hematology and oncology specialists at Dayton Children’s see over 400 patients for either therapy treatment or follow-up appointments.

Social workers help patients cope with their diagnosis with programs such as 'Emily's Beads of Courage'

The endowment was created to enhance an already family-focused cancer care program that will connect patients with multiple resources dealing with care, treatment, education, support groups and other resources.  The money raised from CHA-CHA will be put towards funding a social work and child life position specifically for cancer patients and families at Dayton Children’s.

“Along with providing daily activities such as games, activities and distraction tools, a dedicated child life specialist for our cancer patients will be able to provide pre-procedural preparation, procedural support,  medical play and expressive activities to help children understand and cope with their diagnosis and hospital stay,” says Karen Muller, director of child life at Dayton Children’s.   

Another area that plays a very important role for the cancer patients at Dayton Children’s is social work. Social work examines the many needs and challenges for patients undergoing cancer treatment and their families, from emotional and financial to adjustment issues such as school re-entry and the impact of a cancer diagnosis on the siblings of a family. The social worker is an advocate for the patient and family in meeting a broad spectrum of needs that continue past treatment, into the area of survivorship.

“It is truly inspiring to see the triumph of the human spirit during the extremely stressful and challenging cancer treatment journey, with its inherent roller coaster of emotions,” says Pam Byer, senior medical social worker at Dayton Children’s.

“This year’s theme for CHA-CHA is Believe,” says Erin Paulson, 2013 CHA-CHA co-chair. “We believe in the Dayton community. We believe in the expert care given to cancer patients at Dayton Children’s. We believe in hope. We believe in the journey that a cancer patient takes, and the support provided by the Pediatric Cancer Endowment. We believe in partnerships, and we believe in life and the future.”

About the Women’s Board

Formed in 1964, the Women’s Board of The Children’s Medical Center of Dayton has a membership of 36 women whose major fundraising project is the biennial CHA-CHA dinner and auction. The Women’s Board administers the HELP Fund, an ongoing program that supports various projects at Dayton Children’s, hosts a Careers in Health Care seminar for high school students and volunteers in the Schear Activity Center. The Women’s Board has raised over $2.9 million for Dayton Children’s since 1964.

Throughout the years, they have provided funding to renovate the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU), the Wallace Critical Complex and the Soin Pediatric Trauma and Emergency Center. They have raised funds to purchase two new pediatric transport units and to establish a Pediatric Cancer Care Endowment fund. The Women’s Board’s raised $330,000 at CHA-CHA 2011 to purchase Giraffe® beds for the NICU.

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