Media Release: Holiday tips: Healthy Gift Ideas

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Dayton Children's offers healthy gift ideas for kids

12-01-2011 (Dayton, OH) -

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s about time to begin wrapping all those presents. But instead of the usual sweaters, why not try some healthier, more interactive gifts this holiday season?

"Active gifts that promote physical exercise can be fun and rewarding," Christie Bernard, RN, resource nurse for the lipid clinic at Dayton Children's.

"This year, consider wrapping up a gift that can provide your child with the encouragement he or she needs to stay at a healthy weight and remain active throughout the year."

We’ve compiled a list of some great new and not-so-new holiday gifts to get you and your family moving:

Interactive video games

Kids love videogames. So why not get them a videogame they’ll use and love that also gets them in shape? On the market today are many options. The three most popular are the Nintendo Wii, Xbox Kinect and Sony Move. All of these devices use the child’s movements as the action for the game. With games like baseball, soccer, fitness gurus and virtual biking, the child will be up and moving around even on the bitterest of winter days.

Camping equipment

By getting kids outdoor equipment, it will spark their interest in hiking and other outdoor activities where they will use the equipment. What’s better than camping? Camping with the family! Take a family vacation and hike, camp and fish.

Gift certificates

Kids love bouncing around on a gymnastics floor or exercising with their friends. Why not find a facility that offers youth-oriented sessions so your child can have fun with kids his or her own age instead of their parents. Gift certificates give families the luxury of using them whenever they want.

Quality Time

Set aside time one day a week for a play date in the park, at the skating rink, on the basketball or tennis court, on the jogging track, etc. Parents should be role models of a healthy lifestyle. Research shows that kids who see their parents exercise are more likely to exercise themselves.

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