Media Release: Make safety a priority for your babysitter

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Every year, more than 2,000 children ages 14 and younger die as a result of a home injury

06-29-2009 (Dayton, OH) - Knowledge of home safety is important for everyone - even your babysitter.

Each year, an average of 2,096 children ages 14 and younger die as a result of a home injury.

Parents who have taken safety precautions around the home need to make sure their babysitters are familiar with these measures.

"If you've installed smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, practiced your fire escape plans, stocked a first aid kit and put safety latches on cabinets and toilets, that's great but these precautions can all go to waste if you forget to mention them to your babysitter," says Jessica Saunders, Safe Kids Greater Dayton coordinator and injury prevention coordinator at Dayton Children's.

"Even after you find the right babysitter a reliable, experienced sitter with good references and preferably trained in first aid and CPR you need to provide a safety tour of your home," says Saunders.

Take the time to the following four things:

  1. Show your babysitter where to find the phones, first aid supplies and flashlights. Post emergency numbers by every phone (don't forget poison control: 1-800-222-1222), along with your cell phone number and itinerary.
  2. Go over your fire escape plan and backup plan. Make sure the sitter knows what to do if the smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector goes off (get everyone out of the house, meet at a predetermined spot and don't let anyone go back in the house).
  3. Tell your sitter what areas or activities are off limits. If your children will be playing in or near a pool or playground equipment, taking a bath, cooking or doing anything else that requires active supervision, discuss your expectations. Make sure the sitter understands that active supervision means keeping the child in sight and in reach at all times.
  4. Instruct your sitter never to leave your child alone even for a second. There is no substitute for constant supervision.

Review and discuss safety guidelines about childproofing, swimming, fire, falls and playground equipment. Make sure your babysitter knows what to do in an emergency.

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