Media Release: Best Doctors Named

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01-06-2011 (Dayton, OH) -

The Best Doctors in America is a prestigious honor given roughly five percent of practicing physicians in the United States.  The Children’s Medical Center of Dayton is honored to have 19 physicians on its professional staff named to the 2011 list of the Best Doctors in America.

The members of Dayton Children’s professional staff, and their corresponding medical specialty, named The Best Doctors in America include

  • Michael C. Albert, MD, orthopedics
  • Sherman J. Alter, MD, infectious disease
  • Emmett Broxson, Jr, MD, hematology/oncology
  • Ann Burke, MD, pediatrics
  • Paul Deenadayalu, MD, pediatrics
  • Mukund Dole, MD, hematology/oncology
  • Greg Eberhart, MD, pediatrics
  • Elizabeth Ey, MD, medical imaging
  • Robert J. Fink, MD, pulmonary medicine
  • Paul M. Gresham, MD, pediatrics
  • William Klykylo, MD, psychology
  • Daniel J. Lacey, MD, neurology
  • Jeffrey R. Millard, MD, family practice
  • Gary A. Mueller, MD,  pulmonary medicine
  • John M. Pascoe, MD, pediatrics
  • Alonzo Patterson, MD, pediatrics
  • Arthur S. Pickoff, MD, cardiology
  • Barbara J. Wolfson, MD, medical imaging
  • Gary Youra, MD, pediatrics

The Best Doctors are selected by a confidential, peer-to-peer survey of the medical profession that is sent out every two years by Best Doctors Inc. to build a professional roster of the best minds in medicine.  All candidates are reviewed by the research team for current licensure and board certification and are all monitored for any regulatory or malpractice incidents.  Of all the doctors in any country, only a small number are selected to become Best Doctors.

About Best Doctors Inc.

Best Doctors Inc. is a professional organization based in Boston, Massachusetts with more than 46,000 expert physicians across 400 subspecialties. Each physician expert is continuously and systematically evaluated by the leadership team and scored for their quality.  This determines how often that expert will be used for future cases. To learn more about Best Doctors, visit

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