Media Release: Designate your local children’s hospital on your child’s school forms

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Designate your local children’s hospital on your child’s school forms

07-27-2012 (Dayton, OH) -

Back to school time has arrived and with it comes a whole stack of papers for parents to fill out regarding their child. Parents are asked to fill out forms concerning their child’s medical history and information about their primary care physician. However, many parents may not realize the importance of also designating their local children’s hospital as their preferred place of treatment for their child in case of an emergency.

When a child is seriously injured or needs to be taken to a hospital, it is important for them to receive specialized care by trained pediatric physicians. A recent report from the Institute of Medicine showed that while children make up almost a third of all ER visits, only six percent of hospitals have the correct supplies and equipment to treat these pediatric patients and nearly a third do not have a pediatric specialist on call.

In the United States, only 250 of the 5,700 hospitals are children’s hospitals, and only 50 of these are freestanding such as Dayton Children’s. Last year, Dayton Children’s saw over 70,000 children in The Soin Pediatric Trauma and Emergency Center where they were able to receive the specialized care required for a child.

Many times, if a child is hurt at school and needs to be taken to the emergency room, they will be taken to the nearest hospital.  However, if an adult hospital does not have the proper equipment or staff to care for a child, they either have to improvise with what they do have, or the child has to be transferred to a facility that can provide treatment, often wasting precious moments.

At a pediatric facility such as Dayton Children’s, many precautions are taken to ensure that children are receiving the care that is right for their body. Kid’s growing bodies are very sensitive, so it’s crucial that medications and other treatments be customized to meet each individual child’s specific body composition and health needs. (Learn what else makes us just right for kids)

Physicians and caretakers who are trained in pediatrics take extra precautions when it comes to giving children medications. They know the correct doses to be administered in order to help the child get better while limiting any adverse side effects.

Children’s hospitals also make sure to have many different sizes of equipment and supplies on hand at all times in order to care for kids of all ages. The right size at the right time can make a life-saving difference in an emergency.

Parents should make sure that they know where the closest children’s hospital or the nearest facility with a pediatric specialist is in relation to their home and their child’s school. As the school year begins, make sure to designate this on the child’s medical forms to ensure that they receive the best care for their needs in the case of an emergency.

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