Media Release: Showing kids how to love this Valentine's day

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Showing kids how to love this Valentine's day

02-10-2012 (Dayton, OH) -

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is definitely in the air. “It’s important for parents and families to know just how important it is to show your child not only what it means to be loved, but how to love,” says Mary Beth Dewitt, PhD, a pediatric psychologist at Dayton Children’s.

Below is a list of several tips that, according to Dr. DeWitt, will help your child feel loved each and every day.

Tips on how to help your children feel loved

1. Be involved: Know your child’s strengths and challenges, friends, interests and worries. The best way to learn about these is to have regular ongoing conversations with them about their daily activities and experiences.

2. Be together: Have evening meals with your family; this is a great time for conversation! You can also plan a family movie night, game night or a family outing once or twice a month to encourage the importance of being together.  

3. Be engaged: Play with your kids! Let them pick a game or activity .This shows them that you are interested in their hobbies and may open the door for further conversation.

4.Praise them: Never miss out an opportunity to show how proud you are of them or what a great job they did; celebrate success! Don’t forget to reward simple things such as thanking them for picking up their shoes without having to be reminded, etc.

5. Support them: No one is perfect and not everything will come easily. Let your child know that you care about them for trying and doing their best!

6. Discipline them: Although most children resent discipline and don’t see this as form of love, all children need structure and guidance. A parent’s most important role is to love and teach their children how to be good people, make good choices and to behave properly.

7.Model loving relationships: Be kind to others; involve your children in acts of kindness. Actions speak louder than words!

8. Tell them: Don’t forget just how powerful the words I love you are.

9. Send a note: Remind your kids just how much they truly mean to you. Stick a note inside their lunch box or book bag telling them to have a great day.

10.Read to them: This is a great way to be together in a quiet setting, and have fun!

Remember that you are your child’s biggest influence and by utilizing these tips, you have the power to show your child what true love really is.

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