Lab Test : PTT Mix

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Alternate:1:1 Mix PTT
Includes:PTT 1:1 mix PTT
Phone:(937) 641-5100
Available:Routine: 3 hours, Stat: 30 minutes.
Turnaround:2 hours
Volume:4.5 mL
Container:Blue top tube (3.2% sodium citrate)
Temperature:Transport to the laboratory within 30 minutes of collection.
Rejection:Tube not filled to line, specimen hemolyzed.
Normal:6 months to adult. 25.7-37.8 Ranges not established for ages under 6 months.
Uses:A 1:1 mix is only a screening procedure for factor deficiency. A 1:1 mix with a mildly prolonged APTT may mask a lupus inhibitor, and a weak inhibitor may be diluted enough to normalize the APTT. A APTT that is abnormal and corrects into normal range after the PTT MIX is suggestive of a factor deficiency. A APTT Mix cannot be performed on a APTT that is in the normal range.
Limitations:APTT testing may be affected, by a number of commonly administered drugs. See same limitations as noted for APTT testing.
Method:Photo-optical endpoint

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