Lab Test : Specific IgE

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Alternate:RAST; Allergen Testing
Includes:PNL1 (Panel 1) includes:

d1 House dust mite (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus)

d2 House dust mite (Dermatophagoides farinae)

e1 Cat dander

e2 Dog epithelium

g6 Timothy grass (Phleum pratense)

g8 Meadow grass
h1 House dust, Greer Labs., Inc.

h2 House dust, Hollister-Stier Labs.

m1 Alternaria alternata (A. tenuis)

m2 Cladosporium herbarum (Hormodendrum)

t7 Oak (Quercus alba)

t8 Elm

t11 Maple leaf sycamore, London plane (Platanus acerifolia)

w1 Common ragweed (Ambrosia elatior) (A. artemisilfolia)

w9 Plantain (English), Ribwort (Plantago lanceolata)

STDF (Standard Food) includes:

f1 Egg white

f2 Milk

f3 Fish (cod)

f4 Wheat

f8 Corn

f13 Peanut

f14 Soybean

f18 Brazil nut

f93 Cacao

MRP (Mold Panel) includes:

m1 Penicillium notatum

m2 Cladosporium herbarum (Hormodendrum)

m3 Aspergillus fumigatus

m6 Alternaria alternata (A. tenuis)

m8 Helminthosporium halodes

NUT1 (Nut Panel) includes:

f13 Peanut

f18 Brazil nut

f20 Almond

f201 Pecan nut

f202 Cashew nut

f256 Walnut (Juglans spp.)

DRP1 (Dairy Panel) includes:

f02 Milk

f76 a-lactalbumin

f77 b-lactoglobulin

f78 Casein

Rf236 Whey, liquid product after milk forms curds

SRP (Shellfish Panel) includes:

f23 Crab

f24 Shrimp

f80 Lobster

MTP (Meat Panel) includes:

f26 Pork

f27 Beef

f83 Chicken meat

f284 Turkey

The following tests can be ordered individually:

c2 Penicilloyl V

d1 Dust mite 1

d2 Dust mite 2

e1 Cat

e2 Dog epithelium

e213 Parrot feathers

e3 Horse dander

e5 Dog dander

e6 Guinea pig epithelium

e7 Pigeon droppings

e78 Budgerigar feathers

e82 Rabbit epithelium

e83 Swine epithelium

e84 Hamster epithelium

Ex71 Feather mix

f01 Egg white

f02 Milk

f03 Fish (cod)

f04 Wheat

f05 Rye (Secale cereale)

f06 Barley

f07 Oat
f08 maize

f09 Rice

f10 Sesame seed

f12 Pea

f13 Peanut

f14 Soybean

f15 White bean

f18 Brazil nut

f20 Almond

f201 Pecan

f202 Cashew

f203 Pistachio

f207 Clam

f208 Lemon

f210 Pineapple

f213 Rabbit meat

f23 Crab

f232 Ovalbumin

f24 Shrimp

f245 Egg (yolk and white)

f25 Tomato

f255 Plum

f256 walnut

f259 Grape

f26 Pork

f27 Beef

f284 Turkey

f290 Oyster

f299 Chestnut

f31 Carrot

f33 Orange

f35 Potato

f36 Coconut

f40 tuna

f41 Salmon

f44 Strawberry

f45 Yeast

f47 Garlic

f49 Apple

f75 Egg yolk

f76 α-Lactalbumin

f77 β-Lactoglobulin

f78 Casein

f79 Gluten

f80 Lobster

f83 Chicken meat

f84 Kiwi fruit

f85 Celery

f92 Banana

f93 Cacao

f95 Peach

g6 Timothy

g8 Kentucky

Gx1 Grass mix one

h1 House dust 1

h2 House dust 2

i1 Honey bee

i2 White-faced hornet

i3 Common wasp, Yellow jacket

i4 Paper wasp

i5 Yellow hornet

i6 Cockroach

k82 Latex

k84 Sunflower

m1 Penicillium notatum

m13 Phoma betae

m14 Epicoccum purpurascens

m16 Curvularia lunata

m2 Cladosporium

m3 Aspergillus fumigatus

m5 Candida albicans

m6 Alternaria

m8 Helminthosporium halodes

Re205 Horse serum proteins

Re209 Gerbil epithelium

Re215 Pigeon feathers

Re222 Swine serum albumin

Rf211 Blackberry (Rubus fruticosus)

Rf220 Cinnamon

Rf224 Poppy

Rf226 Pumpkin seed

Rf236 Whey

Rf253 Pine nut

Rf287 Red kidney bean

Rf288 Blueberry

Rf300 Goat milk

Rf302 Mandarin

Rf306 Lime

Rf338 Scallop

Ri205 Bumble bee

t11 Maple

t14 Cottonwood

t22 Pecan, Hickory

t7 Oak

t8 Elm

w1 Ragweed

w12 Golden rod

w14 Common pigweed

w8 Dandelion

w9 Plantain

Call (937) 641-3369 for additional tests (send-out only)
Phone:(937) 641-3369
SQ Code:PNL1 for seasonal inhalants.
STDF for food allergies.
Available:Mon - Fri, first shift only
Turnaround:1 - 3 days
Volume:4.0 mL for one panel
10.0 mL for multiple panels
Container:Red top
Temperature:Room temperature.
Rejection:Improper labeling or excessive turbidity.
Normal:<0.35 mIU/mL
Uses:Allergy testing
Limitations:Results should be interpreted in the context of all available and clinical laboratory findings.
Method:Fluorescence enzyme immunoassay (FEIA)

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