Lab Test : Sweat Chloride

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Alternate:Sweat Test; Cystic Fibrosis Sweat Test; Pilocarpine Iontophoresis
Includes:Iontophoresis preparation and chloride measurement
Phone:(937) 641-5100
Available:M-F, first shift only. Out patients must be scheduled: In patient orders placed by 10 AM
Turnaround:1 hour
Specimen:Sweat, collected by laboratory staff
Volume:20 mg of sweat
Container:Collected onto specially prepared, pre-weighed, clean sponges placed in syringes
Temperature:Pre-weighed sponges and syringes; clean area protected from contamination, assay immediately after sweat collection.
Rejection:Insufficient sweat yield; contaminated site or sponge (touched by hand or dropped).
Normal:Pediatric Normal: 4-40 mEq/L; Borderline/Variable: 40-60 mEq/L; Diagnostic: greater than 60 mEq/L Adult normal: 4-60 mEq/L; Borderline/Variable; 60-80 mEq/L; Diagnostic: greater than 80 mEq/L..
Uses:Establish diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis
Limitations:Skin covered with rashes/lesions will give higher CL results. Do not iontophoresis if any dermatitis, if patient complains of discomfort discontinue test.

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