Lab Test : Stool Fat Screen

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Alternate:Fecal Fat Screen
Includes:Neutral fat, split fat, macroscopic examination: appearance and color.
Phone:(937) 641-3428
Available:Mon - Fri, first shift only
Turnaround:24 hours
Container:Sterile spinal fluid collection tube or body fluid container
Temperature:Transport to laboratory within one hour or refrigerate.
Rejection:Non-fecal material included in container(urine or water), metamucil, barium, castor oil.
Normal:Neutral Fat: not present. Split Fat: normal up to 100 tiny globules per high power field. Color: light or dark brown. Form/Consistency: usually formed massed not liquid as in diarrhea or hard as in constipation.
Uses:Screen for presence of fecal fatty acids and neutral fat. Increases in neutral fat are commonly associated with pancreatic maldigestion. Increased in fatty acids are likely to be associated with small bowel disease.
Limitations:The test consists of determination of the presence of neutral fats and split fats representing fatty acids. The results are reported semi-quantitatively.
Method:Microscopic stained, extraction

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