Lab Test : Body Fluids, Cytology

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Alternate:Pleural fluid; Thoracentesis; Peritoneal fluid; Ascitic fluid; Paracentesis fluid; Pericardial fluid; Pericardiocentesis; Synovial fluid; Culdocentesis; Cyst fluid
Includes:Routine cytological evaluation of smears, cytospin slides, or cell blocks when indicated.
Department:Pathology, Histopathology Laboratory
Phone:(937) 641-3358
SQ Code:N/A
Available:Mon-Fri, first shift only. Contact hospital operator after hours, on weekends, or on holidays, to page the pathologist on call.
Turnaround:24 - 48 hours
Specimen:Fresh body fluid: Deliver immediately to the Histopathology Laboratory
Volume:Not less than 0.5 mL
Container:A container suitable for specimen transport
Temperature:After hours place the specimen in the Clinical Laboratory refrigerator.
Rejection:Fixation of any kind, grossly bloody specimens and specimens not refrigerated after department hours.
Normal:Negative to abnormal cells consistent with malignant neoplasm.
Uses:To establish the presence of a primary or metastatic neoplasm. To aid in the diagnosis of rheumatoid pleuritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, myeloproliferative disorders, fungal and parasitic infestations or serous cavities and fistulas involving serous cavities.
Limitations:Allowing fluid to stand for prolonged periods before processing. Even refrigeration may cause deterioration and artifact.

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