Lab Test : Ova and Parasite Exam, Stool

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Alternate:O & P
Includes:Standard formalin-ethyl acetate concentration and trichrome stain
Phone:(937) 641-3902
SQ Code:OP
Available:Daily, first shift only
Turnaround:3 days
Specimen:Stool or stool in Ova and parasite Total-Fix (O & P) collection kit. Ova and parasite transport media preferred.

Volume:5.0 mL stool.
Container:Total-Fix vial (O&P collection kit) or clean container.
Total-Fix O&P collection kit available from the laboratory.
Temperature:Total-Fix O&P transport media - Preferred
Room temperature - 14 day(s)
Refrigerated - 14 day(s)

Sterile container Alternate N/A 5gm or 5mL
Room temperature - 8 hour(s)
Refrigerated - 24 hours

Rejection:Specimen submitted on tissue paper, contaminated with urine and/or water, containing interfering substances, e.g. castor oil, bismuth, metamucil, or barium.
Stool on culturette swab.
Stool received in Cary-Blair medium.
Unpreserved stool received outside of specified time frame.
Stool frozen.
Normal:No parasites seen.
Uses:Identify microorganisms that may cause parasitic infection.
Limitations:One negative result does not rule out the possibility of parasite infestation. Multiple specimens for Ova and Parasite exam should be collected at least 24 hours apart. Generally, no more than 3 specimens are required to identify parasitic infections. Fresh specimens are required for amoebae and trophozoites must be schedule with the Microbiology Lab (641-3902).
Cryptosporidium not detected by O&P exam.
Method:Microscopic stained

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