Lab Test : CSF Cell Count and Differential

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Alternate:CSF; LP; Subdural Fluid; Spinal Fluid; Ventricular Fluid; Shunt
Includes:Color, turbidity, cells per mm3, WBC differential
Phone:(937) 641-2627
Available:Daily, 24 hours
Turnaround:1 hour
Specimen:Cerebrospinal fluid- site specific i.e. LP, ventricular, shunt, subdural
Volume:1.0 mL on each of 3 to 4 CSF collection tubes
Container:CSF collections tubes or other suitable sterile container
Temperature:Do not store. Do not refrigerate. Do not transport via tube system. Deliver to Hematology within 30 minutes and verify delivery with someone in the department.
Rejection:Clotted or refrigerated specimen. Specimens contaminated with bone marrow.
Normal:Colorless and clear. Neonates 0-30 mononuclear cells/mm3. Children <20 mononuclear cells/mm3. Adolescence <10 mononuclear cells/mm3. Adults <5 mononuclear cells/mm3. RBC's in all age groups 0 cells/mm3. (Any cells may have significance).
Uses:Diagnosis of primary meningeal infections, intracranial bleeds, subdural hemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage, CNS malignancies, shunt infections and other CNS pathologic conditions.
Limitations:A traumatic (bloody) tap or specimens contaminated with bone marrow may make interpretation difficult. Specimens delivered to the laboratory mote than 30 minutes post collection may experience WBC lysis.
Method:Microscopic stained, hemocytometry

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