Lab Test : FISH, t(9;22) [BCR/ABL1]

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Alternate:fluroescence in situ hybridization
Department:Cytogenetics Laboratory
Phone:(937) 641-3801; On Call Pager (937) 334-0192
Available:Lab open Mon - Fri 9:00AM - 5:00PM. On Call hours are 5:00PM Friday through 10:00PM Sunday and holidays; specimens accepted in the main lab daily
Turnaround:4 days
Specimen:bone marrow from FIRST PULL during bone marrow extraction OR whole blood; use sterile precautions
Volume:2-3mL bone marrow, 3-5mL blood
Container:sodium heparin or heparinized syringe; NOT ACCEPTABLE - microtainers with serum separators, lithium heparin tubes; DO NOT CENTRIFUGE
Temperature:room temperature; DO NOT REFRIGERATE
Rejection:MUST INCLUDE INDICATION WHEN ORDERING; MUST INCLUDE WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT WHEN ORDERING; will attempt to process any volume of specimen received; will attempt to process clotted specimens; outcome may not be ideal
Normal:nuc ish(ABL1,BCR)x2[#/200]
Uses:to direct diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in oncology
Method:fluorescence in situ hybridization

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