Lab Test : Urine Ketones Screen

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Includes:Urine Ketones Dipstick
Phone:(937) 641-3430
Available:Daily, 24 hours
Turnaround:Routine: 3 hours, STAT: 30 minutes
Volume:0.5 mL
Container:Plastic urine container with lid
Temperature:Deliver to laboratory within 1 hour or refrigerate.
Uses:This is a semiquantitative test used for the evaluation of ketonuria. It is also detected in cases of acidosis, ketoacidosis, fasting, starvation, high protein diets, alcoholism, pregnancy, strenuous exercise and diabetes mellitus. The test pad reacts with acetoacetic acid in urine, it does not react with acetone or betahydroxybutyric acid. Some high specific gravity urine may give reactions up to and including trace. Therefore, clinical judgement is needed to determine the significance of a reaction up to and including trace.
Limitations:False positive results (trace or less) may occur with highly pigmented urine specimens or those containing large amount of levodopa metabolites. Compounds such as mesa (2-mercaptoethane sulfonic acid) that contain sulfhydryl groups may cause false positive results or an atypical color reaction.

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