Lab Test : Allergen, Panel: Respiratory Allergy Panel

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Includes:Dust Mite (D pteronyssinus) D01, Dust Mite (D farinae) D02, Cat Dander E1, Dog Dander E5, Bermuda Grass G2, Cockroach IN6, Mold Cladosporium herbarum M2, Aspergillum fumigatus M3, Alternaria alternata (A. tenuis) M6, Oak tree T7, Elm T08, Pecan/Hickory Tree T22, Common Ragweed W1, Walnut Tree TR10, Total IgE, Birch T3, Cottonwood T14, Maple T1, Maple Leaf Sycamore T11, Mountain Cedar T6, Mulberry T70, Rough Pigweed W14, Russian Thistle W11, Sheep sorrel W18, Timothy Grass G6, White Ash T15, Mold (Penicillium notatum) M1
Department:Immunology - Blood Bank
Available:Tests are batched Monday - Friday
Turnaround:1-4 days
Specimen:Blood serum
Volume:10 ml
Container:Red Top or Butterscotch (Gold Top)
Temperature:Specimens may be kept at controlled room temperature for shipping purposes only. Otherwise, they should be stored at 2-8C if assayed within one week or -20C for longer term storage.
Rejection:Unlabeled, mislabeled samples, samples with the wrong anticoagulant, or improperly stored samples.
Normal:<0.35 kUA/L
Uses:Allergen-specific IgE antibody levels as measured by in vitro assays are sometimes used as grounds for instituting immunotherapy, however the results of a Specific IgE test should not be the only consideration when selecting an initial dose for immunotherapy. Prior to implementing immunotherapy, a skin test with the planned initial dilution of the immunotherapy solution should be performed to prove that the patient tolerates in vivo administration of this allergenic extract.
Limitations:Studies show no interference from icteric, lipemic or hemolytic samples.

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