Lab Test : Total Protein

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Alternate:TP; Protein
Includes:Total Protein
Phone:(937) 641-3428
SQ Code:TP
Available:Daily, 24 hours
Turnaround:Routine: 3 hours, STAT: 30 minutes
Volume:0.2 mL
Container:Green top (heparinized) preferred, red top acceptable
Rejection:Hemolyzed or lipemic samples should not be used.
Normal:1 - 29 days: 4.6 - 7.0 gm/Dl
30 - 59 days: 5.4 - 7.5 gm/dL
2 - 11 months: 4.2 - 7.5 gm/dL
1 - 3 years: 5.5 - 7.5 gm/dL
>4 years: 6.0 - 8.0 gm/dL
Uses:To evaluate nutritional status, liver function, diagnosis of nephrotic syndromes, malabsorption, and neoplasia including myeloma. Protein concentration is found elevated in dehydration due to decreased intake or due to increased loss found in vomiting, diarrhea, Addison's disease, or diabetic acidosis. Protein is also increased in multiple myeloma. Protein is decreased in nephrotic syndrome, salt retention syndromes, severe burns, extensive bleeding, open wounds, low intake, sprue, intestinal malabsorption, and acute protein starvation (kwashiokor).
Limitations:Dextran at 1.0 g/dL increases the protein value 1.0 g/dL. Hemolysis will falsely elevate total protein ( 3% for 100 mg/dL of hemoglobin). Clinical interpretation is greatly enhanced by examination of the fractions composing total protein, (i.e., electrophoresis, quantitative immunodiffusion for IgG, IgA, IgM, immunoelectrophoresis).
Method:Biochromatic endpoint (CU2+ binding)

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