Lab Test : Creatinine Kinase

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Alternate:CK; CPK
Phone:(937) 641-3428
SQ Code:CK
Available:Daily, 24 hours
Turnaround:Routine: 3 hours, STAT: 30 minutes
Volume:0.2 mL
Container:Red Microtainer or Red top tube
Temperature:Transport to laboratory within 1 hour.
Normal:Male: 61 - 224 IU/L
Female: 37 - 173 IU/L
Uses:Test for acute myocardial infarction (MI) and for skeletal muscular damage; elevated in half of patients with myxedema (hypothyroidism); elevated in potential victims of malignant hyperthermia syndrome, elevated in muscular dystrophy, in muscular stress, in polymyositis and dermatomyositis. Elevated in myocarditis.
Limitations:Grossly hemolyzed samples may spuriously elevate CK values. Elevated following exercise. Normal at onset of acute MI. Elevation of CK following acute MI may not be observed until 12 hours after appearance of symptoms, returning to normal in 48 hours after acute MI.
Method:Biochromatic rate (NADP/NADPH)

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