Lab Test : Respiratory Infectious Disease Panel (PCR)

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Alternate:Respiratory PCR, RIDPP, RIDP
Includes:Detection of Influenza A, Influenza B, Adenovirus, RSV, Parainfluenza, Human Metapneumovirus (HMPV), Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Rhinovirus, and Coronavirus using PCR.
Phone:(937) 641-3907
Available:Daily, first shift only. Specimens received in the lab before 1 PM are performed same day
Turnaround:1-2 days. Test performed daily, first shift only. Specimens received in the lab before 1 PM are resulted the same day.
Specimen:Respiratory specimens including: Bronchial wash/aspirate, Nasopharyngeal wash/aspirate, Nasopharyngeal swab, Sputum, Throat swab, Tracheal aspirate, and pleural fluid.
Volume:Minimum of 1 ml of fluid specimen submitted in Viral/Chlamydia transport media or 1 ml of original aspirate/wash.

Sterile swab (no swabs with wooden shafts please) in Viral/Chlamydia transport media.
Container:Aspirates/wash in Viral/Chlamydia transport media or Sterile container .

Swab in Viral/Chlamydia transport media
Temperature:Transport to the lab ASAP. Refrigerate if transport is delayed more than one hour.
Rejection:Inappropriately identified or commingled specimens are unacceptable.

QNS specimens will be rejected.
Normal:Negative for each virus/organism by PCR.
Uses:Detection of an array of respiratory viruses and organisms by PCR.
Limitations:A negative result does not necessarily rule out infection.
Method:Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

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