Going Home From the Hospital

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Getting back to normal after a hospital stay is important for kids. Getting back to normal after a hospital stay is important for kids.

Sometimes you will need to care for your child after he or she leaves the hospital. Your care providers will give you special instructions to follow once you and your child arrive home. Discharge planners are available to help coordinate your home-care needs.

Talk to your doctor about any care you will need to provide when you take your child home.  This may include changes in medicines, treatment, the need for special home care equipment or follow-up appointments.

Let your doctor know about any changes in your child’s health after your child’s stay.

Talking to your child's caregivers before you go home will help you be more confident in caring for your dhild. Talking to your child's caregivers before you go home will help you be more confident in caring for your dhild.

Use Medicine Safely

All necessary prescriptions will be provided before you leave the hospital. Please ask about Dayton Children’s outpatient pharmacy located on the lower level of the hospital.  Note the following suggestions for safe medication use:

  • Reread the label when giving each dose.
  • Ask your pharmacist to:
    • Explain your child's medicine label.
    • Suggest the best  measuring device for liquids and powders.
    • Look over medicine side effects.
    • Double-check a refill prescription if it does not look the same as a previous prescription.
    • Explain how you will know if the medication is working.
    • Review foods to eat or not eat while taking the medicine.
    • Make sure the child-lock caps on all medicines are in place..
  • Fill prescriptions at the same pharmacy so the pharmacist gets to know your child's medicine history.
  • Keep the medicine in the container it came in.
  • Give the medicine to your child exactly as told by your doctor or pharmacist.
  • If your child is not getting better or you have questions about any medicines, call the doctor. 

Talk to Others Before Going Home

  • Your child’s school teacher and/or school nurse to see what they need before your child can return to school. If your child needs special equipment to be cared for at home, talk to your child’s nurse about a home care agency or other support needed at home.
  • Patient accounts (937-641-3555) if you have questions about the billing process. Also, see Financial Matters.
  • Other family members and friends if you need help getting your child home and into the house. You may also want to see if someone can help you care for your child at home.

Safely Take Your Child Home

Dayton Children's supports the Ohio Passenger Protection Law by requiring the use of federally approved car seats when your child leaves the hospital if the child is younger than 4 years of age and weighs less than 40 pounds. Children under 4'9" weighing less than 80 pounds should be placed in booster seats. Talk to your child nurse if you don't have a car seat or booster seat. 

Give Us Your Feedback 

To better serve our families, Dayton Children's asks for comments and suggestions from those who have used our services. You may receive a questionnaire at home or receive a phone call about your child's stay.  Please take the time to give us your feedback.  It's important to us. 



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