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      DIAGNOSIS OF PERTUSSIS AT DAYTON CHILDREN’S:  The lab at Dayton Children’s
      offers rapid diagnosis of whooping cough (pertussis) via PCR. There is an
      ongoing concern over community outbreaks of whooping cough. Rapid
      diagnosis is important for treatment and prevention. Our lab performs the
      PCR testing for pertussis Monday through Saturday and can provide results
      the same day if we receive the specimen by 10:00 am or next day if it is
      received in the afternoon. We also offer free collection supplies and
      courier service if you would like to collect these specimens in your
      office.  Contact Lisa Henderson at 937-641-3117 for more information.

      EPIC UPDATE FOR PHARMACY AND E-MAR GO LIVE:  Pharmacy and the electronic
      medication administration record (MAR) are going live on April 22 at 12:01
      am.  This will mainly affect the pharmacy and nursing staff.  Physicians
      will still have the previous day’s MAR on the chart.  On the morning of
      April 22 you will have two MARs for April 21—one that covers medication
      administration from 7:00 am to 12:00 am and the printed electronic MAR
      from 12:01 am to 7:00 am.  If you need to see the current day’s MAR you
      will have to ask the nursing staff to pull up the electronic MAR for you. 
      During the week of April 22 you will see extra staff on the units in blue
      shirts supporting the nurses through the go live.  Questions? Call Julie
      Deschenes at 937-641-3047.

      number of requests from individuals who want to shadow a member of our
      staff while they are working at Dayton Children’s has continued to grow. 
      Each of these activities requires us to complete a series of steps that
      insure the person is adequately immunized, free of infectious diseases and
      fully understands the requirements created by HIPAA.  Recently, one of our
      staff members was spending nearly half of her time supporting these
      requests.  We can no longer provide the support required to make this
      program safe and effective.  Therefore, if you are asked, please advise
      individuals that we no longer can support the many requests that we
      receive to job shadow our staff.

      ballots for election of division heads at Dayton Children’s was last week.
       Once the ballots are tabulated and the executive committee is able to
      review the results and forward the names of those elected to the board of
      trustees for their ratification, we will make the list public.  To all of
      those who took the time to cast their ballots, thank you.
      “BUSTED FOR SNOOPING”:  This is the title of a recent Modern Healthcare
      article that notes 24 Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center
      employees were either fired or reprimanded for “peeking at the medical
      records of the now infamous mother of octuplets.”  California regulators
      are reviewing the case to decide if further action is likely.  Over the
      past three years, more than 100 workers at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical
      Center “had peeked” at the records of Britney Spears, Farrah Fawcett and
      Maria Shriver.  As we come closer to full implementation of EPIC, we must
      strike a balance between allowing employees access to records to do their
      jobs, while limiting access to certain records if and when necessary. 
      Tracking systems allow us to determine every time someone looks at a
      record.  Once you access using your password, the trail remains available
      for review.  Unauthorized access will be addressed promptly and
      aggressively.  Lesson:  if you have no valid reason to look at a record,
      don’t look at it.  Questions?  Call Tom Murphy, MD, at


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