Flash FAX : 2010-05-26 - Professional staff meeting, H1N1 2010-2011

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Flash FAX

May 25, 2010
COMBINED PROFESSIONAL STAFF MEETINGThere will be a combined meeting of the professional staff on June 3, 2010 at the Dayton Country Club, starting at 5:30 pm.  We will announce the newly elected professional staff officers who assume their roles on July 1, 2010.  We will celebrate the presentation of “A Child’s Voice” award to Gregory Eberhart, MD, on behalf of his efforts in the area of child advocacy.  The Distinguished Service Award (emeritus category) will be presented to Mason Jones, MD.  Invitations have been sent.  Please celebrate with us and your colleagues.  If you want to attend, contact John Jacher at 937-641-3000 extension 8670.
H1N1 FOR THE UPCOMING 2010-2011 INFLUENZA SEASON:  Infections due to H1N1 continue to occur, albeit at a relatively low level in the US.  During the past few months, there has been more disease activity in some areas in particular, such as Tennessee in January, Florida and Georgia in late March and April.  We have not diagnosed an H1N1 isolate in months.  This has also been a very quiet seasonal flu year.  It will be interesting to see what happens south of the equator, as they enter their winter season, and their more typical influenza season.  Worldwide, the majority of H1N1 isolates are still susceptible to oseltamivir.
The CDC is currently reviewing its strategies for the upcoming influenza season.  As you know, the seasonal vaccine for influenza for the 2010-2011 season will include the H1N1 strain in the seasonal vaccine, meaning that we should be able to achieve immunity with just one vaccine.  For your interest, here are some statistics on vaccine administration during the past winter.  When you read this, keep in mind the pictures of folks lined up at Hara Arena and other places waiting for vaccine. 
Here is the rest of the story:

  • Number of doses of vaccine available for administration:  147 million doses.
  • Number actually ordered by state health departments for distribution:  118 million doses.
  • US population:  309 million.
  • Immunization rates for children between 6 months and 17 years of age:  median =36.8%.
  • Immunization rates for adults:  median=21.1%.
  • Immunization rate for all health care personnel:  37.1%.
  • Immunization rate for Physicians/APNs/PAs/Dentists:  44.7%; Nurses=44.5%.
  • Immunization rate among HCPs when the employer mandates immunization:  97.6%.
  • Immunization rate when employer recommends immunization:  64.5%.
  • Immunization rate when employer did not mandate or recommend vaccine:  23.5%.
I think it is safe to conclude that despite the widespread concern (panic) over the H1N1 epidemic, the rate of vaccine delivery was discouragingly low across the country, even for “high-risk” folks.  Among HCPs, employer mandated vaccine rates are significantly higher than if the vaccine is recommended or not addressed at all.  Seems like the strategy should be clear.


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