Flash FAX : 2009-11-23 - H1N1 UPDATE

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Flash FAX

November 23, 2009

H1N1 UPDATE: Over the past three weeks, we have seen the numbers of acutely ill children presenting with signs and symptoms of H1N1 influenza-like illness (ILI) plummet.  Our emergency department and urgent care numbers have returned to their baseline rate plus about 10 percent.  We continue to see “endemic” disease due to H1N1, but the number of actual positive tests has dropped to five a day.  Having talked to many of you, it appears that your experience has mirrored our experience.  Thus, this FLASHfax will address a few issues:

  • Vaccine Availability:  To date, Ohio has ordered 1.6 million doses of H1N1, which represents about 3.7 percent of the total delivered by the CDC.  Vaccine is being apportioned by population density.  The first real shipments of vaccine to PCPs occurred last week and it was spotty.  Some OB practices reportedly received 200 doses, while some pediatric practices received none.  The Public Health Dept of Montgomery County (PHDMC) has provided mass immunizations to at least 90 schools as well as multiple public offerings of vaccine for high-risk patients.  Remember:  All of those children aged 9 and below will need a second dose of vaccine, and PHDMC does not plan to revisit the schools, but will depend upon vaccine delivery by your offices or their central sites.
  • Tamiflu Suspension: Has been available by using the PODS supplies.
  • Seasonal Flu Vaccine: Vaccine is again available for adults through PHDMC.  If you are in a different county, please check the webpage for your county for specific information.
  • Disaster Status: We have terminated the internal disaster that was declared in October.  This means that we are no longer staffing a separate flu clinic.  We have also returned to our baseline visitation policy.  As you know, the holidays are a difficult time for hospitalized children.  There are many community-based programs that provide support during this time of the year.
    One final comment:  The last eight weeks have stressed the ability of the health care system in this community to care for thousands of sick children with ILI.  I want to extend my appreciation to everyone who helped get us through this surge, both Dayton Children’s based and community based.  Our staff stepped up and worked many long hours.  Our community colleagues did the same by also seeing record numbers of patients in their offices.  Everyone should be proud of what they have accomplished.

URGENT CARE SOUTH IS RECRUITING A PART-TIME PEDIATRICIAN: The Children’s Medical Center of Dayton has an opportunity for a part-time general pediatrician at the new Urgent Care – Springboro, located in the new Outpatient Care Center – Springboro.  This is a 100 percent pediatric practice; hours are weekdays 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm and weekends 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. The schedule is six weekdays/month and every third weekend.  Successful candidates must be board certified in pediatrics and hold an unrestricted Ohio medical license.  If interested, please contact Cyndy Emerson at 937-641-5307 or emersonc@childrensdayton.org

EPIC IS LIVE IN SURGERY:  We started using EPIC in the surgery suite November 10, 2009.  This means that documentation is now electronic in the pre-op, PACU and post-op areas.  Intraoperative documentation remains on paper.  What makes this particularly challenging is the variability in scheduling with the OR handling 30 cases one day and 70 the next day.  This creates significant challenges. If there are any surgeons who would like to obtain any additional training, please call Tom Murphy at 937-641-5871.

Happy Holidays to You and Your Staff


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