Flash FAX : 2009-03-24 - NEW HIB CASES REPORTED

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Flash FAX

      NEW HIB CASES REPORTED—TWO MORE DEATHS:  It wasn’t long ago that we
      reported on an increase in the number of cases of invasive disease due to
      Haemophilus influenza type B in Minnesota.  The Philadelphia Department of
      Health has now reported five more cases since October 2008.  One of the
      children died (previously unvaccinated).  This resurgence of disease due
      to H. flu has occurred during a time of vaccine shortage.  The AAP
      recently re-emphasized the need to make certain that all candidates
      receive the primary three dose schedule of the vaccine, even during the
      shortage.  The booster dose (aimed for 12-15 months) can be deferred
      (except in high-risk children).

      EATING DISORDER TEAM REFERRAL CHANGES:  The mental health specialist on
      the eating disorder team has recently resigned, which has left us without
      the ability to treat these inpatients from a psychological standpoint or
      to follow them as outpatients upon discharge.  We are aware of the impact
      that this will have on the community and are in the process of looking for
      a replacement.  It is unknown how long that process will take but we will
      notify the community as soon as we are able to support the treatment of
      eating disorder patients.
      At this time, medical support is still available, but until we have
      psychological support, GI will only accept eating disorder patients
      (inpatient or outpatient) on a case by case basis until psychological
      services have resumed.  For questions, please contact Sonia Michail, MD,
      at 937-641-3090.

      PROFESSIONAL STAFF BANQUET:  On Friday evening, March 20, 2009 over 200
      professional staff members and guests, as well as board members and staff
      members from Dayton Children’s enjoyed an evening of celebration.  Several
      professional staff members were honored for service up to 40 years to
      Dayton Children’s.  Elvira Jaballas, MD, was presented the Taggart Award
      for her outstanding service to Dayton Children’s and the communityover her
      40 year career.

      PARKING GATE TO CLOSE ON APRIL 2, 2009:  For those professional staff
      members who park in the lot on the side of the hospital near the
      laboratory entrance, the gate will be closed on April 2.  Access will
      require the use of a proximity badge that you can keep on your dash board.
       Your old card will not work after April 2.  If you have not yet received
      a new card, please stop by security any day between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. 
      You can call Brandi Day or Carol Gehle at 937-641-4283.  If you use that
      lot, even if just on the weekend, you will need a card to access the lot.

      official results of the resident match for the incoming class of residents
      was announced.  There will be 14 new pediatric residents joining us.  Six
      are civilian and eight are military.  We are delighted to have recruited
      some of the best in the current WSUBSOM fourth year class as well as
      military residents from across the eastern, southern and mid-western US. 
      In addition, there are four new med-peds residents joining the program. 
      The civilian chief is Alicia Stewart, the military chief is Tiffany Owens
      and the med-ped chief is Erin McConnell.  This is a great group of


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