Flash FAX : 2009-08-07 - EPIC IMPLEMENTATION

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Flash FAX

August 7, 2009

      EPIC IMPLEMENTATION:  We are now at 18 days and counting for the EPIC
      implementation.  As of today, 155 of our professional staff and allied
      health staff have either scheduled or scheduled and completed their
      training.  It is essential to remember that after August 25, 2009, all
      inpatient documentation will have to be performed in EPIC.  So, if you are
      taking care of inpatients directly, providing inpatient consultation
      services, providing orders on an ongoing basis for AHU patients or seeing
      patients in the emergency department, you must have completed the EPIC
      training in order to have access to the medical records for review and for
      documentation.  Training sessions are available through August 21, 2009. 
      Training dates for the two weeks immediately before we go-live will be
      very limited, since the staff will be deployed to support the
      implementation.  If you have not already scheduled yourself for training,
      please contact Amy Blevins at 937-641-5871.
      Our build team is feverishly working to complete the build.  For your
      information, this includes nearly 150 order sets that allow residents to
      use a standardized order set for admissions for asthma, bronchiolitis,
      appendicitis, to mention a few.  This also includes preference lists for
      the inpatient units and for some services (such as orthopedics) that will
      make it quicker to find the orders used most often by these services. 
      Please keep in mind that electronic records are able to shorten the cycle
      time for medication ordering and administration, but it might actually
      take longer to place the orders.  Thus, the physician might find it takes
      longer to place the orders, but the pharmacy will see them sooner and the
      patient will receive the treatment more quickly.
      For the go-live, please remember the telephone number is 3-CIS.  This is
      the number that we want the staff to use at and after go-live so that we
      can document every request for change to the system.  As you can well
      imagine, for the first few weeks there will be a number of changes that
      have to be made.  Some of these changes will be immediate and mandated to
      assure patient safety.  Some will be urgent and occur over hours to days. 
      The remainder might well take weeks to implement.  The EPIC team will have
      to prioritize these changes on a day-to-day basis.

      NEW PHYSICIAN RECEPTION:  Please mark your calendars to attend the annual
      new physician reception. The reception will be held at Moraine Country
      Club on Wednesday, September 9, from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. This is an
      opportunity to meet physicians who have joined Dayton Children’s
      professional staff within the past year, board members, senior management,
      members of management team and other staff. Invitations have been sent.
      The deadline to RSVP is Thursday, September 3. Questions? Call Judy Cruea
      at 937-641-3666 or crueaj@childrensdayton.org.

      PAIN MANAGEMENT:  Please be aware that if you need a pain management
      evaluation for an inpatient please consult the neurology service. 
      Historically, the anesthesia service has been able to provide some
      consultative support, but in the future they will be unable to perform the
      consults.  Cindy Asher is a clinical nurse specialist who might also be
      able to provide some guidance.
      SYNAGIS CLINIC:  Look for a mailing soon that updates the current AAP/Red
      Book criteria for Synagis use.  We will start our clinic November 1, 2009.


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