Event: Dancing for a Miracle (08-30-2013)

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Ballroom Dance Fundraiser for Dayton Children's Cancer Center

Dancing for a Miracle

"Life is unpredictable and challenging. However, we have to remain strong no matter what life has to offer. This is true even if life presents difficult challenges that affect our family, friends, and especially our children. It is our responsibility as adults to provide for our children. Children cannot provide for themselves which is why it is extremely important for us to help and support them through difficult times. Ballroom dancing is an inspirational art form that can help our children in the Dayton community who struggle with cancer fight and become healthy again." -- Irina Miller

"The underlying theme of the show will be how music and dance connect our minds, bodies, and souls and how it in turn connects people through a universal language that can transcend the boundaries and problems of the world by uniting us together into one harmonious force for change.

I have created a show that celebrates the connected soul of the world expressed through a variety of different songs... that are culturally unique to different countries, yet share the common thread of human emotion.

As dancers we connect to the music and to the people we perform for. Our universal connection through music and dance can be expressed by our audience by contributing to the "Dancing for a Miracle" benefit and helping in its effort to raise money to help find a cure." -- Brian Jolly, producer


Come join Golden City Ballroom in this one-of-a-kind ballroom dance benefit to support the Dayton Children's Comprehensive Care Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.  See fantastic performances, including one by the Dayton Children's patient ambassadors. The event will feature the show, gala dinner and a silent auction. 

For ticket information, visit www.goldencityballroom.com or call 937-643-4050.  You can also visit the Dancing for a Miracle Facebook page.

August 30
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Masonic Temple
525 W. Riverview Ave.
Dayton , OH 45405

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