Pulmonary Diagnostics

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Pulmonary diagnostics is staffed by licensed respiratory care professionals. It offers a variety of inpatient and outpatient services, including smoking cessation programs for teens and adults, and asthma education programs.

Phone. 937-641-3386

Medical Director: Patrick Sobande, MD

Administrative coordinator: Belinda Huffman, RCP, BS, CPFT

Technicians and hospital pagers

  • Lori Rasey, RRT - 229
  • Ashley Puckett, RRT - 509
  • Amy Weng, RRT - 504

Services Available

  • Pulmonary function testing - spirometry (flows), lung volumes (pre- and post-bronchodilator), DLCO; all available pre- and post-bronchodilator
  • Impulse oscillometry (pre- and post-bronchodilator)
  • MIP, MEP, MVV testing
  • Pulmonary challenge testing - EIB (exercise induced bronchospasm), methacholine challenge
  • Blood gas analysis - ABG, CBG
  • Oxygen saturation - spot check and/or with feedings, with exercise, car seat evaluation
  • High altitude simulation test (HAST)
  • Breath hydrogen testing - lactose intolerance for fructose and sucrose, bacteria overgrowth, bowel motility
  • H-pylori study
  • Resting energy expenditure (REE)
  • Home care instruction - aerosol therapy, metered dose inhaler/spacer, peak flow monitoring, CPR training, airway clearance technique, home ventilation, IPPB,BiPAP/CPAP, tracheostomy care training, speaking evaluation, oxygen
  • Exhaled carbon monoxide testing
  • End Tidal CO2 testing, NIF
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation - specific lung disease education and exercise program (asthma, CF)
  • Asthma education
  • Tobacco cessation and prevention program for teens and adults
  • Desaturation study - Two-channel overnight study that monitors the patient’s heart rate and oxygen saturation.
  • Somnogram - Overnight study for infants performed at the bedside to evaluate apnea episodes. Channels recorded include heart rate, oxygen saturation, airflow, chest impedance and pH probe when requested.
  • Polysomnography sleep study - See sleep disorders center

Outreach or Support Programs

  • Asthma education - for families (BREATHE - in-home education) and school personnel (Asthma in Ohio Schools)
  • Smoking cessation--STAND - Stop Tobacco and Nicotine Dependency; prevention and cessation for teens

Phone: 937-641-3266

Referral Process

Phone: 937-641-4000
Fax: 937-641-4500

Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 7:00 pm



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