Pain Management Program

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Dayton Children's innovative "Pain Busters' pain management program manages a child's pain during common medical procedures like IV insertions and blood draws, which are among the most frequently reported painful events in hospitalized children. No child should suffer when his or her pain can be decreased or relieved. The objective of Pain Busters is to provide that relief using multiple pain management techniques.

Meet Our Pain Busters Team

The staff who developed the pain management program include those most knowledgeable of the techniques that work best to relieve or reduce a child's pain.  They include:

Laurence Kleiner, MD -- neurosurgery
Amit Vohra, MD -- pediatric intensive care unit
Thomas Krzmarzick, MD -- Soin Pediatric Trauma and Emergency Center
Cindy Brown, RN -- nursing administration
Pam Bucaro, RN -- Soin Pediatric Trauma and Emergency Center
Stacy Roehrs - pharmacy 

Chronic Pain Services

Dayton Children’s chronic pain team is available to meet the needs of patients who have chronic pain issues.

The word “pain” has been difficult to define.  Often times, it is defined as an “unpleasant experience, where physical problems may or may not be present.”  Reactions and tolerance to sudden or chronic pain situations may vary tremendously among people.  Fifteen – twenty% of all children and thirty – forty% of teenagers have chronic pain.  Chronic pain is usually pain that lasts consistently longer than 1 month.  The most common non-injury produced types of chronic pain in children are headaches, belly/pelvic pain and back/arm/leg pain.  We do know that the brain is where most pain starts and that many other chronic pain disorders may be present in family members.

Who is on your chronic pain team?

  • A board certified child neurologist with 30 years experience in head and other pain management.
  • Two Advanced practice nurses; A nurse practitioner who works in the outpatient setting and a clinical nurse specialist who evaluates patients on the inpatient units/outpatient setting.
  • A psychologist who works to help your child with their feelings about chronic pain.
  • A MT is available two days per week on a consult basis and a list of MTs available in the Miami Valley region is provided to families to access outpatient MT
  • A dietitian who provides guidance regarding nutritional changes and supplementation that may help with chronic pain.
  • A rehab therapist who provides exercise therapy and information regarding regular physical activity.
  • A pharmacist who may be consulted to review and recommend chronic pain medications.
  • Various other consultative services including an interventional pain specialist and a chiropractor.

How do we access the chronic pain team?

The inpatient team will be consulted by your patient's attending doctor.

The outpatient team can be accessed by referral from you as a primary care provider.

An initial outpatient consultation is scheduled with Dr. Lacey in the Neurology clinic and subsequent visits are scheduled with Dr. Lacey or the nurse practitioner/clinical nurse specialist.

If you have questions about your patient's treatment plan or need medication dose changes, contact:

Cindy Brown, RN, CNS



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