Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery provides comprehensive care for all plastic surgery needs in children, including congenital anomalies, acute traumatic injuries, skin tumors and reconstruction following burns and other traumatic injuries.

Phone. 937-641-3000

Meet the team:

Salim Mancho, MD

Matthew Fox, MD (cleft palate)

Diagnoses or Conditions treated

Breast Surgery

•             Breast reduction

•             Reconstruction of absent or small breasts

•             Removal of extra nipples

•             Removal of male breast tissue (gynecomastia)

Burn Surgery / Burn Reconstruction

 Cleft Lip and Palate

•             Cleft lip repair

•             Cleft palate repair

•             Pharyngeal flap

•             Cleft lip / nasal revision

•             Alveolar bone grafting

•             Orthognathic surgery of maxilla and mandible

•             Rhinoplasty

Congenital Hand Surgery

•             Extra fingers (toes): polydactyly

•             Webbed fingers: syndactyly

•             Club hand

•             Absent thumbs

Cranial Banding (Plagiocephaly and Helmet Therapy)

Positional plagiocephaly / torticollis

Cranial Vault Surgery

•             Scaphocephaly / sagittal synostosis

•             Plagiocephaly / coronal synostosis, one side

•             Brachycephaly / coronal synostosis, both sides

•             Complex synostosis syndromes: Crouzon, Apert, Pfeiffer, Saethre-Chotzen

•             Synostosis secondary to hydrocephalus

•             Minimally invasive techniques (endoscopic and spring-mediated cranioplasty)

Distraction of the Craniofacial Skeleton

•             Mandibular distraction − Pierre Robin sequence

•             Mid-face distraction

Ear Surgery

•             Total ear reconstruction

•             Otoplasty

•             Non-surgical treatment of other congenital deformities (ear well)

Facial Trauma Surgery

Facial trauma – laceration / fracture repair

Hand Surgery

•             Hand trauma – skin laceration / tendon / nerve / fracture repair

•             Cyst removal

•             Trigger digits

Hemangioma and Vascular Malformation Center

Laser treatment of port wine stains and hemangiomas

Lefort Advancements / Mandibular Movement (Orthognathic Surgery)

•             Cleft lip and palate

•             Hemifacial microsomia

•             Treacher Collins

•             Apert

•             Crouzon

•             Long face syndrome


•             Facial reanimation

•             Soft tissue coverage of fractures

•             Limb salvage

Nasal Surgery

•             Rhinoplasty

•             Septoplasty

Soft Tissue Surgery

•             Tissue expansion

•             Nevus removal (mole)

•             Cyst removal

•             Pyogenic granuloma

•             Dermoid tumors

•             Pilomatrixoma


First and third Tuesday of each month

Referral Process

Phone: 937-461-5020
Fax: 937-641-3107



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