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Meet Our Patients

"Kourageous" Kate
Katie Hollingsworth, a senior at National Trail High School in New Paris, is one of
the top students in her class and survived multiple organ failure due to cancer. A child life specialist at Dayton Children’s helped Katie set up an online blog to stay in touch with her friends during the 264 days she spent at Dayton Children’s. These excerpts are her story of courage, hope and survival.
A young philanthropist
Kayleigh Crabtree, 11, from Beavercreek was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on August 20, 2010. Kayleigh underwent five rounds of chemotherapy under the care of Mukund Dole, MD at Dayton Children’s. Kayleigh is a true philanthropist at heart and has helped to raise tens of thousands of dollars for pediatric cancer research during her battle with the disease. Kayleigh completed her last round of chemo in fall 2012 and is excited to be an ambassador so that she can help other kids at Dayton Children’s!
Beating Brain Cancer Every Step of the Way
When 11-year-old Casey Mowen was diagnosed with brain cancer, he was more concerned with making the grade and playing soccer than losing his hair. But with a brave attitude, Casey came out on top- both in the classroom and in life.
Cancer Remission Drives His Inspiration
Since 1997, Michael Dosedel has been in remission from a stage four, rare muscle cancer which was found in 1996. Being in remission has inspired Michael to start a non-profit organization and to one day become an orthopedic surgeon or diagnostician.
Cancer care close to home
Gabe Duplechian was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at age 7. He is seen by the hematology/oncology specialists at Dayton Children's Hospital.
Family taking care of family
When her 7-year-old daughter Paige started feeling poorly in May 2008, Jill Lord didn’t think too much about it. But when the flu-like symptoms persisted for a few more weeks, she was worried. Paige was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a cancer affecting the white blood cells and began treatment at Dayton Children's.
Fighting the Bad Guys
Continuous complaints of leg pain, and the return of the Ormsby’s 2006 family vacation changed their lives as Nathan Ormsby was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a common childhood cancer. Now, three years later he continues his tough treatment, but has also continued to show a positive attitude towards life.
It's Cool to Tell My Story!
Bailey Allen is an active girl involved in dance, soccer, softball, and basketball; concealing that fact that she even had cancer. At just six weeks old, Bailey was diagnosed with a cancer called congenital fibrosarcoma, which left her parents devastated as her right leg may have had to be amputated.
Meet the cast of “The World of Hope”
How children deal with chronic illnesses, such as cancer, is completely different than adults. To shine a light on how children fight the battle of cancer, Dayton Children’s created “The World of Hope,” a video that showcases how children use their vivid imaginations in a world of make believe to cope with living in a world of chemotherapy, radiation and staying for weeks in a hospital.
Seeing Life Differently - Dayton Children's Cancer Center
At the age of 5 months, Colin Beach was diagnosed with a rare malignant tumor in the retina of his eye. Despite the severity of his disease and the number of surgeries he has needed – his parents stopped counting after 30 – Colin, now 10 years old, has learned to accept it as part of his life.
Seeing cancer as an opportunity
In March 2013 Mariah was diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Mariah immediately began treatment and spent most of her spring and summer at Dayton Children’s. Mariah is no longer in treatment and has come out of this experience with an extremely positive attitude seeing cancer as not a burden but rather an opportunity to look at her life in a new light!
Tough Times Calls for Strength and Spirit
As a newborn, Chardanai White was diagnosed with sickle cell disease and as anyone would be her parents were shocked to found out the news. A few years later Chardanai was also diagnosed with von Willebrand disease and a blood disorder called Beta Thalassemia. Despite her illness, Chardanai manages her diseases and tries to live a community active childhood.
What We Never Expected - Pediatric Cancer
At just two years old, Donovan Trentham's routine evaluation appointment turned out to be a visit that no parent or child would want to experience; he was diagnosed with stage three neuroblastoma. With immediate treatment and care, Donovan is now cancer free two years later.
What the new patient tower means to Kayleigh, cancer survivor
Hear from Kayleigh Crabtree, cancer survivor, on what it means to her to help design the new Dayton Children's patient care tower.
Taking control of a chronic disease
Awo was born with sickle cell anemia. Sickle cell disease is an inherited disorder in which red blood cells (which are normally round and flexible), are sticky, hard and shaped like crescent moons. Due to her sickle cell, Awo often experiences a lot of pain in her joints and bones. Awo sees Dr. Dole in the hematology and oncology clinic at Dayton Children’s. Despite her illness, Awo has a very positive outlook on life and doesn’t let her sickle cell slow her down.
What We Never Expected - Pediatric Cancer
At just two years old, Donovan Trentham's routine evaluation appointment turned out to be a visit that no parent or child would want to experience; he was diagnosed with stage three neuroblastoma. With immediate treatment and care, Donovan is now cancer free two years later.
Brotherly love
Dorian and Derek Lowen from Springboro are your typical brothers. They pick on each other but at the end of the day love spending time together. What makes Dorian and Derek a-typical is the fact that they are living life together both with a genetic blood disorder. The Lowen brothers have hemophilia severe factor 9. They were both diagnosed as infants and have grown up learning how to manage this lifelong condition together
Holding tight to happiness
Andray Simmons has a permanent smile on his face. You can’t help but smile back when talking to him. You would never know that he lives every day fighting the pain that comes along with sickle cell disease. Even though it can be very painful, Andray refuses to miss school due to his condition and never lets it bring him down. As a frequent flyer of Dayton Children’s, Andray also serves on the Kids’ Advisory Board providing input into the design of the new patient tower. Through this role and as an ambassador, Andray uses his experience with sickle cell to teach others and encourage patients along their journey.
Together we fight
There’s a saying that lightning doesn’t strike twice, but Caulin’s family would say differently. Caulin was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with T-cell when he was in the third grade. After a difficult treatment journey, including a bone marrow transplant, Caulin was then diagnosed with a second cancer, lymphoma. Thanks to the care provided to Caulin in children’s hospitals, Caulin is currently in remission and is an active young man who enjoys playing soccer, golf and helping other families in need. Along with close family friends who also beat childhood cancer, Caulin and his family started a family-based charity, “Together We Fight,” designed to support future families who hear the words, “Your child has cancer.”
Local toddler captures the hearts of the entire cancer care team
Jules was diagnosed with desmoplastic nodular medullablastoma, a rare form of pediatric brain cancer, in January 2015, at 18 months of age.


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