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  • All About Sleep
    How do you get kids to bed through the cries, screams, avoidance tactics, and pleas? What if you're awakened in the middle of the night? And how much sleep do kids need?
  • Bed-Sharing
    Bed-sharing is controversial in the United States. Supporters believe that a parent's bed is just where an infant belongs. But is it safe?
  • Bedtime Basics
    A good night's sleep is important for all kids. But what do you do if your child doesn't fall asleep easily? Find tips on getting your child tucked into bed - and what to do if he or she doesn't want to stay there.
  • Bedwetting
    Bedwetting is an issue that millions of families face every night. Most of the time it's not a sign of any deeper medical or emotional issues and kids eventually grow out of it.
  • Bruxism (Teeth Grinding or Clenching)
    Gnashing and grinding teeth, called bruxism, is common in kids, and often occurs during deep sleep or while under stress.
  • Night Terrors
    A night terror is a sleep disruption that seems similar to a nightmare, but it's far more dramatic. Night terrors can be alarming, but aren't usually cause for concern or a sign of a medical issue.
  • Nightmares
    Nightmares aren't totally preventable, but parents can help kids feel better when they have one and ease their transition back to sleep.
  • Positional Plagiocephaly (Flattened Head)
    Some babies develop a persistent flat spot on the back of the head, a sign of positional plagiocephaly, a treatable condition usually caused by babies sleeping in the same position repeatedly.
  • Should My Daughter Sleep in My Room After Having a Nightmare?
    Find out what the experts have to say.
  • Sleep and Your Preschooler
    Preschoolers sleep about 10 to 12 hours during each 24-hour period, and it's important to help them develop good habits for getting to sleep.
  • Sleep Apnea
    Everyone has brief pauses in breathing called apnea. Usually these are completely normal. Sometimes, though, sleep apnea or other sleep-related problems can be cause for concern.
  • Sleepwalking
    Although it can be unnerving to see, sleepwalking is actually very common in kids. Here's how to keep your young sleepwalker safe.
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
    SIDS is the leading cause of death among infants 1 month to 1 year old. Though SIDS remains unpredictable, you can help reduce your infant's risk.

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