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  • Biting
    There are ways to get to the bottom of your toddler's biting habit. These steps can help.
  • Cocaine & Crack: What Parents Need to Know
    Cocaine and crack are illegal drugs that produce an intense high and can cause a stroke, heart attack, or even death.
  • Depressants: What Parents Need to Know
    Depressants calm and relax nerves. But if used in the wrong way, they can be dangerous and even cause life-threatening problems.
  • Ecstasy: What Parents Need to Know
    Ecstasy is a dangerous illegal drug that can cause hallucinations and even death.
  • GHB: What Parents Need to Know
    GHB, gamma hydroxybutyrate, is a popular club and date rape drug that can be deadly.
  • Heroin: What Parents Need to Know
    Heroin is a highly addictive, illegal narcotic that can cause death when taken in excess.
  • How to Talk to Your Child About the News
    News from the TV, radio, and the Internet is often educational. But when stories are about violence or other disturbing topics, parents can find it hard to explain to kids. Here are some guidelines.
  • Inhalants: What Parents Need to Know
    Inhalants like glue are sniffed or huffed to give the user a high. Just doing it one time can be fatal.
  • LSD: What Parents Need to Know
    LSD is a dangerous hallucinogenic drug that affects mood, judgment, and behavior.
  • Making the Holidays Less Materialistic
    It can be hard to look beyond all of the product-driven hoopla surrounding the holidays. Here are five ways to curb materialism and reinforce the real reason for the season.
  • Marijuana: What Parents Need to Know
    Marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug in the United States.
  • Methamphetamines: What Parents Need to Know
    Methamphetamines are dangerous stimulants that speed up a person's heart rate and bodily functions. When used in large doses, they can kill.
  • Preventing Abductions
    It's important to teach your kids to be cautious without filling them with fear or anxiety. Here are ways to lessen the chances that your child will be abducted.
  • Sexting: What Parents Need to Know
    Sending or receiving a photo, video, or message that contains nudity, a sex act, or even talk of sex is know as "sexting." This type of sharing could haunt a teen for the rest of his or her life. Here's what parents need to know.
  • Transgender People
    People who are transgender feel like they're living inside a body that's all wrong for them. Here are the facts about what it means to be transgender.

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