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Dayton Children's Focus

ENT and pediatric surgical services:
Going the extra mile

When Dawn Chandler of Centerville found out her daughter Kristin needed her tonsils and adenoids removed, she did what most mothers do when a health care decision needs to be made: She talked to her friends.

“Everyone I talked to recommended Dr. Stewart Adam. Many said they wouldn’t trust their children to anyone else.” Stewart Adam, MD, is a pediatric ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist on staff at Dayton Children’s.

Both Dawn and Kristin were impressed by Dr. Adam. “He was awesome with Kristin and really put her at ease,” Dawn says.

Kristin Chandler shows Dr. Stewart Adam her tooth that he pulled while removing her tonsils and adenoids.

Physicians caring for children know the importance of connecting with each one, but also putting their parents at ease as well.

“Over the years I’ve learned that parents are often more worried than their child about surgery,” says Dr. Adam. “I really enjoy children, so it’s always a pleasure to talk to them, care for them and see them get better. I’m also a parent, so I understand their fears as well,” he says.

Before they knew their daughter needed surgery, Dawn and her husband James talked to Kristin’s pediatrician about their daughter’s snoring. “She was always a ‘loud sleeper,’ but it seemed worse than typical snoring. Our pediatrician checked Kristin’s tonsils and recommended we talk to an ENT surgeon about having her tonsils and adenoids removed,” Dawn says.

Dawn says that is was important for her that 7-year-old Kristin have her surgery at Dayton Children’s. “Both my daughters have been to the medical imaging and urology departments many times and we’ve always been pleased,” she says. “My neighbor, who is a nurse practitioner at another hospital, told me it is important for children to go to a hospital that has the right-sized equipment, especially in an emergency. Because of that advice and my good experiences, I would not consider taking my girls anywhere else.”

Dawn also said that Dayton Children’s is noted as her first choice on the emergency treatment forms she signed for her daughters’ school. “If something serious happens, I want my kids to end up at Children’s. I know they have the equipment and expertise to give them the best care.”

Kirstin’s surgery was scheduled for June 10. When
Kristin found out she was having surgery, she was a little worried. Her biggest fear, however, was whether or not the people would be nice. “Though we’ve never used the surgery department at Dayton Children’s before, we were not disappointed,” Dawn says. “The first thing Kristin said when she woke up from surgery was ‘Everyone was so nice!’”

But Kristin wasn’t the only one worried about her surgery. Dawn had concerns, too. “Even though I knew she was in the best place, I was still concerned about the anesthesia and what would happen during surgery.” For that reason, she and Kristin took advantage of Dayton Children’s presurgery tour program.

“It really reassured me to see where Kristin would go for her surgery – from pre-op, to the operating room and to the recovery area. Also, the fact that Children’s has pediatric anesthesiologists was very important to me,” Dawn says.

The surgery lasted just 30 minutes, but Dawn remembers the patience of the staff. “Kristin was a little ‘worked up’ before surgery and kept asking the same questions over and over. Not once did I see anyone get impatient with her.”

After surgery, Kristin asked for – and rejected – a number of foods from the dietetics and nutrition staff. “They were so accommodating,” Dawn remembers. “Kristin wasn’t feeling well and the staff was determined to find her something she could eat. They kept trying until Kristin was happy and never seemed upset about her special requests.”

Kristin recovered quickly from her surgery and Dawn notices a “huge difference” in her daughter’s well being. “She used to always have dark circles under her eyes from not sleeping well. Those are gone now and she is much more rested,” says Dawn.

Going the extra mile for the children they care for is not unusual for the staff at Dayton Children’s. Dawn and Kristin saw this with the surgery staff, the dietetics and nutrition staff, and finally, with Dr. Adam.

“Kristin had a loose tooth before surgery and told Dr. Adam she was afraid to have it pulled. So while she was sedated, Dr. Adam removed the tooth and gave it to her when she woke up. I’m sure these extra touches are part of his nature, but we felt he went the extra mile for us and made us feel special,” says Dawn.

More about ENT, Surgical Services

ENT services

  • Provided by 10 board-certified ear, nose and throat experts, specially trained to provide pediatric care
  • ENT surgeries are performed at Dayton Children’s and supported by pediatric anesthesiologists to ensure the safest surgical care for infants, children and teens
  • Audiology services available at Dayton Children’s
  • Children and adults living south of Dayton Children’s can receive expert ENT care at Dayton Children’s Specialty Care Center – Warren County.
  • Learn more about Dayton Children's ENT services.

Pediatric surgical services

  • Dayton Children’s offers inpatient and outpatient surgery for children from birth
    through age 21.
  • Single rooms for families and patients before and after surgery allow time together to play games, watch TV or simply enjoy some private, quiet time.
  • The staff includes pediatric nurses, pediatric anesthesiologists and surgeons, and other staff specially trained and experienced in caring for kids.
  • Presurgery tours are held every Monday and Wednesday evenings (except the day before or on major holidays). Call 937-641-3476 for more information.
  • Pet therapy program provides comfort to children and families before and after surgery.
  • Learn more about Dayton Children's surgical Services

Surgery patients like the boy above, are comforted by regular visits from a team of canine volunteers.



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Dayton Children's Focus

ENT and pediatric surgical services

Going the extra mile

More about ENT, surgical services

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